The Anomaly Diary

My Random Thoughts #7

January is coming to an end

Quite a productive week for me in general. I have done something that I have never tried before but I’m not happy about it. Strange.

They are just thoughts, don’t take it personally.

What a weird week

Like I said, it’s strange how I’m not happy about accomplishing the things I have done this past week. I mean, it’s a big deal. How I feel right now is in between confused and in a dilemma. If that makes any sense.

For starters, just yesterday, I finished my 6th book this month alone; I have been consistent with my morning and evening routines (even adapting to changes in circumstances); and I have been more focused than ever. The question is: why am I feeling like this?

I don’t know. It’s weird. Too weird. Maybe I need to calm down and not overthink things. One thing at a time Elvis.

Music reviews are back baby!

Two albums were reviewed this past week and three more are coming your way this coming week. Thank the heavens. I thought I would be stuck writing opinions and perspectives all the time. You have break the cycle sometimes with something new.


Yes, I am a Gooner. A proud one for that matter. Just this past week, we beat Chelsea in the London derby and I have been bragging my ass off. As I write this, we are hours from facing Manchester United. Here is to hoping we beat those guys. It has been a rivalry spanning decades.

Sit rep: They beat us. Fucking hell.

January has been good to me

Surprise! January has been such a good month to me. I can’t believe it. No, seriously. I can’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed the month of January. Perhaps it was a change of perspective?

If it was, imagine what I could become with a change of perspective in other aspects of my life? I just found my new adventure for the year.

I’ve been glued to my phone this week…

And I’m not proud of it. Explains why I keep plugging it back to the charger every now and then. Something has to change. Perhaps I should uninstall WhatsApp? I don’t text people that much. Heck, I can uninstall all apps…except for PES 2019. That game is awesome. Anyone playing it? 😅

I need help 😢

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