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Future Hndrxx Presents: The Wizrd Album Review

My headphones must be on drugs

Future is one of the few rappers that I have a hard time hating. He isn’t an exceptional rapper not does he have the best personality but I still like him. One of my favorites songs from him is Where Ya At where he literally ruins the English language but it’s still a banger.

What’s interesting about Future is how quickly he releases music. He has been quite busy as from 2017 when he released two albums in a span of a week and released some projects in 2018. It is now January 2019 and we have a new album from him. I bet he rarely takes a break from music. Anyway, let’s see what his new project has to offer.

What I like

If you are familiar with Future’s songs, you know how well-produced his beats are. Credit should always go to his producers because they make sick beats that keep you putting the songs on replay. The same is true in this album. Every song has some sick beats. Definitely the highlight of the album. What I like about Future is how he always looks for new producers making his sound evolve with newer generations. Remember, he has been in the industry for the better part of the decade. Seeing him reach out to new talent is quite welcome.

Another thing you’ll like about the album is how catchy the songs are. Even if you don’t know what he’s talking about (which I’ll talk about later), you are guaranteed to have a good time. This is trap music at its best. To be honest, I can’t remember having a good time listening to trap music like I do with Future’s music.

What probably sets Future aside from other trap artists is his music’s replay value. Think about it. Remember Mask Off? What was he rapping about in that song? Who knows but it was catchy as hell. Again, the same is true with this record. There will definitely be songs that will top the charts in the near future. Get it? My pun game is weak.

What I don’t like

Let’s get one thing out of the way, I like this album. I really do. The problem is that it has too many issues for me to justify why I like. Let me explain.

Too long

Despite most songs being two and a half minutes long, the record is still long with twenty tracks. It feels a little stretched. Yes, it’s still a sin having more than 12 tracks on your record in 2019. I don’t care if you want a billion streams on Spotify, make it 12 tracks. This, btw, affects the replay value. You’ll get tired by the time you get to track #15.

Luckily, the beats are straight fire so you’ll persevere for a few more minutes.


Why are his songs censored? The version I listened to was censored to a fault. Like damn. It’s 2019. Censoring swear words ruins the experience. I’m not sure if his previous records have been censored as well by default but I can see the purpose of it.

It seems Future is set on reaching a wider audience than the usual trap lovers. To some degree, it might work. Future is taking his music to newer heights and I respect that but give us the explicit version of the album.

Future’s rapping

Like Quavo, Future doesn’t have much going for him when it comes to rapping. I think he also acknowledges this. I tried to make sense of what he was saying but it was more or less the same thing. “I have this…” “Just bought a…”. Bitches this and bitches that.

Even when he raps well in songs like Crazy but True, you end up with some WTF moments. Case and point:

Penthouse got a livin’ room with a garage in it, I can park in it


Let that sink in for a moment. It gets worse:

I don’t do side bitches, they all my bitches, I ain’t tryna hide bitches


Well…that explains a lot Mr. Future.


Like I said, I like this record. You can’t really hate on it because it has some catchy songs. If you are to compare it to other rap albums, it’s definitely a weak record. There is nothing much to it. However, you will have a good time listening to it if you take it for what it is; trap music. This is the best trap music has to offer at the moment. I give it a 7/10.

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