KALLITECHNIS – Chromatic EP Review

Yes! Finally, some new music in 2019. It has taken me three weeks to look for something to review. Praise the heavens!

Just a quick reminder, I did mention in the Sweetener Review that I would love to review indie albums and/or mixtapes (EPs). That is what I plan to do this year; listen to as many indie projects as I possibly can. How I do this is quite complicated because I’m solely relying on Apple Music’s latest releases.

Anyway, my first indie project to review comes from KALLITECHNIS. Yes, you have to write the name in caps. I’ll just call her KALLI from now henceforth. What do I know about her? She is a Montreal singer, songwriter, dancer and visual artist. She has released an EP before (wet paint, 2017) which was received well by critics and she is slowly making a name for herself. Seriously, you can read her bio in her Facebook page.

Her second EP, Chromatic was just released the other day and I got a chance to listen to it. To be honest, I want to hear more from her. She is good. It’s a short EP so get ready to read a short review of it.

What I like

Chromatic is a RnB/Soul record. The scale tips more on the Soul genre because of the general vibes of the song. This is actually the kind of RnB that I wouldn’t mind listening to any day. Case and point, Jorja Smith and Ella Mai.

The highlight of the whole EP is how the elements of the music complement each other. KALLI’s beautiful voice is complemented well with the excellent production, excellent lyrics and great features. It’s amazing how they blend well like peanut butter and jelly.

What you do get as the end result is an EP that you’ll find repeating over and over again. Seriously. I downloaded her EP on my phone on 20th Jan and in a span of 10 hours, I listened to it four times already. Heck, I want to listen to it again right now.

What I don’t like

It’s only five tracks long. This is the first time I’m complaining about a project being too short. The recommended number is 12 so as to get the much needed diversity. Not that I’m mad with the diversity I get from Chromatic, I just wish there was more.

The Verdict

I love KALLI already. Explains why many critics love her. Here is to hoping that there is another EP coming out soon. Better yet, an album. I can’t wait. 9/10.

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