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Proper Goal Setting


We all have goals that we would love to achieve. They range from the simplest of tasks to the overambitious ones. Goals are important for personal growth and development. The same is true for companies and relationships. Despite their major importance, goal setting isn’t as easy as it sounds.

See, what you may consider as goals are not the things you really want in life. For example, one might think owning the new iPhone is a goal for the year. Not bad right? But Apple refreshes their lineup every year so you are left to wonder what’s the point of it all. Others may have arbitrary goals like getting married but end up realizing that’s not what they thought it was.

At this point, you must be like, “Goal setting is hard”. To be honest, it is. Even Brian Tracy, author of the book Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, agrees. He mentions how people in his seminars tell him how hard it is to set goals.

It is hard, but is also essential…Once you have clear goals, your ability to manage your time improves dramatically.

Brian Tracy, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Brian Tracy recommends the following seven steps in order to accomplish anything you could ever want for yourself.

Decide exactly what you want

Isn’t it obvious? The most crucial but most important step to setting goals. If you get it right in the first step, the other steps become a breeze.

A real goal is clear, specific, measurable, and time bounded. A non-goal – a wish or a hope – is fuzzy and unclear. It is a fantasy that floats in the air. People with clear, specific goals, who know exactly what they want, are very different from people who are going through life hoping for the best.

Write down your goals

Brian recommends writing them down on paper. While there are online sites and writing software available for us to use, writing your goals on paper has proven to be more effective.

When you take a paper and pen and write down your goals, you activate the Laws of Expectation, Attraction and Correspondence simultaneously…The very act of writing down your goals give you a sense of control and personal power.

Be willing to pay the price

For you to achieve any goal in life, it has to come at a cost. You want to be happy? What will you do to be in a continuous state of happiness? Will you be meditating? Will you be taking some time to be with yourself? You can’t expect receiving without giving. Whatever it is that needs to be done, write it down as well.

Your willingness to do whatever you need to do, pay whatever price is required, go whatever distance is necessary, and make whatever sacrifice is demanded is the measure of how badly you really want your goal.

Make a detailed plan

Be the man with a plan. Suppose you want to save up for a new car. How will you be able to set aside money for the car? What percentage of your income will you deduct? Something like that. Make a detailed plan on how you will achieve your goals.

A plan of action gives you a track to run on. It increases your level of belief and intensifies your desire for the goal…You begin to see possibilities that you may not even have been aware of in the absence of a written plan.

Take action on your plan

Another obvious thing to do. Just because you wrote down your goals doesn’t mean they will automatically appear. You have to work towards them. What can you do to work towards your goals?

There is something powerful in your willingness to take a specific action in faith, in the direction of your goal, with no guarantee of success. Your action itself seems to trigger all kinds of other powers and forces in the universe. You activate the law of attraction to help you.

Do something every day

While you are at it, do something as every day that gets you a step closer to your dreams. Using my blog as an example, I should make an effort to write a random article every single day. This doesn’t mean I’ll have to publish them but it helps me to practice writing better articles. The better the articles, the better the quality of the blog and you get better number of views. Funny how things work out.

Your job is to build yourself up to the point where you genuinely feel unstoppable, and the only way that you can do this is by refusing to stop, by doing something daily.

Never Give up

Resolve in advance that you will never quit once you have started toward your goal. No matter how many setbacks or obstacles you experience, make the decision that you will keep on picking up and persisting until you eventually succeed.

Brian ends the chapter by mentioning the power of commitment. If you are committed to make your goals become a reality, there is nothing that will deter you from achieving them.

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