The Anomaly Diary

My Random Thoughts #5

What a mess.

Fifth entry into this series and there is much to be discussed.

They are just thoughts, don’t take them personally.

Sit rep, it is 0013 hours, 9th January 2019 as I write this. Why am I not asleep?

New design, again.

Another look in one month. God damn it boy. When will you ever get satisfied with your blog designs? Never at this rate. To be honest, I don’t think I would continue looking at the previous design for another day. I’ve tried to tweak it to no success so I was left with one option; change the design altogether.

You could say I am unsettled with how things are right now and I agree with you. Everything is everywhere right now. Luckily, it isn’t affecting my other aspects of life but it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

What you’re probably asking is when will the design change again? I don’t know. All we can do is wait and see how fast it takes for me to be unsatisfied with my blog again.

A new IG account

This is my third attempt at having a personal account. My reasons for closing the other two are practically nonexistent hence the creation of another account. Do I expect it to perform better than my blog’s page? Maybe. I’m just having fun with this one. Plus, I’m in no rush to look for empty followers.

 You can follow the new account here, not forgetting the blog’s page. I’ll follow back on the personal account.

The year of learning

If there is something I learned from last year, you cannot bring a knife to a gun fight. You simply can’t involve yourself in an activity if you don’t understand how it works. That’s my motivation for this year; it’s actually the driving force that will enable me to achieve my goals.

For me to be able to get this blogging shtick, I need to learn how to do so. Same goes for all the other things I’m involved right now; be it relationships, business, projects, friendships, personal growth. There is a learning curve to everything and practice is the way to mastery.

A certified blogger

This just happened a few hours ago. Here in Kenya, there is a bloggers association where registered members are recognized, ranked and awarded based on the kind of content they put out. My registration process was filled with errors and frustration. Luckily, they were able to rectify the issue and I’m officially a member.

What does this mean for the blog in the future? I do not know. Maybe an award? 😊 Just some wishful thinking.

The Blogging Community

Still talking about bloggers, it is interesting to note how the blogging community is dominated by the female gender on social media. Not that there is anything with that; go girls. It’s just that when I try to look for blogs to read, I always find female blogs that either talk about travel or makeup reviews. The only one I like so far is a book review blog. You should actually check it out. It’s really cool.

I know for sure that there are many male bloggers out there. It’s just that they aren’t out there on social media. No problem though, I will continue searching.

2019 is weird

Is it just me or 2019 has a different vibe to it than 2018? The change in vibes is normally felt four months into the new year but it feels different now. Ever since we crossed over to the new year, things feel different. I might be alone in this. Perhaps I am onto something. 🤔

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