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Why you shouldn’t read my blog

Because I’m an asshole

You’re not reading it wrong. I am about to give you reasons why my blog sucks. My theme for the new year is to be explicit about everything. No holding back and no hesitation. I’ll be assertive AF. No time for bullshit. And what a way to begin this assertiveness with myself, more specifically, my blog.

It has been active for a while now. Things are going great for it. While I do enjoy the progress and growth, there are several issues with it. Serious issues. I don’t deny them because they eat my mind every single day. This is just me criticizing myself and being funny at the same time. Besides, I’m my own worst critic; I won’t hold back. Let’s do this.

This blog doesn’t introduce anything new

If I am right, this must be the 900 millionth blog to exist in the world right now. Everyone is creating a blog nowadays and they talk about a wide range of topics. You, then, realize that mine is no different. What makes things worse is that I don’t bring anything new to the table. Everything I touch on is covered by so many people out there.

Think about it, how many people review albums in the world? Or talk about opinions or give perspectives? There are millions of people out there doing what I do. Even better and here I am hoping that I can get views on my website. Oh Lord help me.

I really never wanted to create a blog

To be honest, it wasn’t my dream to create a blog in the near future. I was exposed to the blogosphere when I was working for an organization which wanted a website. I was the one with the “expertise” and I found WordPress. The platform was user-friendly and I found myself creating my first blog in 2014. I wrote two articles then left it as it is afterwards.

Then came 2017 when my interest was rekindled by a couple of bloggers who I admired. They seemed to enjoy doing what they do so I decided why not. I redesigned the original website and called it This is Elvis Mwangi because creativity isn’t my strong suite. I stuck with it for a year then I decided to stop being a copycat and create a new blog. Fast forward to today, this blog exists. Great but something happened.

It was called something else

Before I settled on the name The Anomaly Diary, I planned on calling it The Queer Hive. Can you believe it. 😂😂 What’s even worse is that I thought about the name for a month and told myself that is the best name I could come up with. I even felt proud of myself for doing so.

It gets worse.

I bought the domain name and created a website with that name. 😂😂😂😂

Told you my creativity needs serious help.

The good thing is the beta testers warned me about the name before I got serious with the name. To be honest, I did not know queer is an informal term that refers to gay people. I only knew of the official meaning i.e. strange. Besides, I am a strange guy. That’s just me.

I’m not that relatable

If you are coming to my blog to look for relatable stuff, guess what pal? You won’t get shit. Haha, jokes on you. Seriously, you won’t find anything of interest to you unless you are one of the <1% demographic that I am targeting in the world. My content relates to the really few people in the world. If you aren’t the one % of the world, beat it. Go and read some more gossip.

So, I’m kind of an asshole

True story. Here’s the thing, I know that I’m the nicest person out there but when it comes to writing these articles you’ll either love me or find me as an asshole. It’s always between those two extremes. How people pick their extreme is beyond me but I do know one thing, I don’t give a shit. You are entitled to your own opinions and I’m okay with that.

Also, I don’t like what most people like. I hate modern rap, I hate singing rappers and I certainly do not like silly Kenyan songs. Please people, just because someone made a catchy tune doesn’t mean that they are talented. Talent and luck don’t go very well. Luck eventually runs out. Talent doesn’t. Speaking of music

My music reviews usually come late

Because I’m a lazy motherfucker. No, seriously. I listen to the new albums within the first two days of release but end up writing the review a week later just because. Laziness on another level guys. The funny thing is that I always make valid points when it comes to my reviews but I review them late so…yeah.

One more thing…

I don’t review all albums

Jesus, I’m one human being; I can’t listen to everything. For the record, music reviews in this blog are valid for English and Swahili languages. All the other languages can fuck off because I don’t understand them. Especially Nigerian music. No hard feelings.

Subscribe to my content

For real, subscribe to my content. It will damage your brain cells. I can guarantee you that this blog will be the reason for you doing dumb shit.

Ads, Ads, Ads

Yeah, that’s right. I’m qualified to have ads on my website. Click them and make me rich. 😎

Last but most important,

I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing

Seriously. I don’t know. You could say I’m going with the flow. You know what? I don’t care. Why? Because I’m an asshole.

Whew!! That was fun. What else did I forget to mention? Hmm…Oh, fuck the blog theme. Now, I’m done.

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