My Random Thoughts #3

Hello. It has been a while. Shall we catch up once again?

They are just thoughts. Don’t take it personally.

Still in campus

We’re literally days away from Christmas and I’m still here. I’m still doing my exams. Damn it. To be honest, it’s not all that bad. The environment is much quieter and I get to view sunrises from my room now. Just have a look.

Anyway, the exams end in two days. There is so much to be done over the holiday season that I don’t think I’ll have time for myself. Speaking of which…

My reading habits

Yeah, it has been bad. The last book I read was Power of Self Mind Control last month. Quite a lengthy book FYI. Afterwards, all my focus shifted to my final exams, which have been great. However, this doesn’t excuse me from educating myself from time to time. What’s even worse is that I have a long list waiting for me to read them.

Plus, if anyone has good recommendations, I’m down to read them.

Beef with my phone

Okay, I don’t like my phone right now. Not that I want a new one or something of the sort. I just don’t like using it anymore. Plus, I’m cutting down the time spent on the phone, especially on messaging apps. I cut off my social media accounts time before, I can cut this off too.

The reason why I’m doing this is to increase my concentration span. Seriously, you can’t get anything done when your phone is literally looking at you. It is especially true when I write most of the blog articles. You just have that itching feeling that someone might have contacted you only for you to find no notifications. It’s irritating.

As we speak, the only uses my phone has is for YouTube, Apple Music (album reviews) and for setting alarms.

My irregular sleeping habits

Full disclosure, I normally sleep at 10pm and wake up at 5am to do all the activities that I won’t be able to do during the day. This includes exercises, writing articles, reading through some books and going through my vision board.

This past week, however, I have not been in the mood for waking up. I just want to sleep. There is some reason for it mainly because I have so much time on my hands for the rest of the day which makes waking up kind of a chore. Perhaps I should make my mornings more interesting. I should reward myself with a big bowl of breakfast for waking up early. 😂

Getting ready for 2019

The more I think about 2019, the more I become scared. It’s going to be a big year for me and the blog and all I can do right now is get goosebumps. Have you ever had that feeling that things will go well for you but you’re scared if they don’t? That’s me right now.

I can’t tell how good it is going to be but I just know something good is coming my way.

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