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My Random Thoughts #2

Well, shit. The Exams are here. Woo. Hurray. Fuck me.

They are just thoughts. Don’t take it personally.

I don’t hate RnB

Right. Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t hate RnB. You might think that me being so harsh on Trigga’s new mixtapes means that I hate the genre as a whole. Nope. As a matter of fact, I do enjoy RnB. That’s the music I grew up listening to for crying out loud and I can’t stand to see it being dragged to the ground. And no, this new modern adaptation of it isn’t working at all.

For the record, I have reviewed two other RnB albums which are definitely in the top 5 best albums of the year. We had Ella Mai with her beautiful debut album and we had Jorja Smith with Lost and Found. Oh, Jorja. At one pointyou were my personal favorite album. Then you were replaced by Let’s Eat Grandma. I even remember mentioning how RnB seems to be making a comeback. That was until Trey Songz released 11.

This was the complete opposite of what I have been talking about. Besides, I don’t think I’m the only one who shares the same sentiments. That’s just how I felt.

Kenyan Music on the Rise

Given that this is my first year of reviewing albums, I always had the hopes of reviewing Kenyan albums. So far, I have reviewed three from MDQ, Redsan and King Kaka. It is good that artists are now shifting towards album releases which makes listening and critiquing their music direction much easier. Btw, I’m a huge supporter of Kenyan music. There are two other albums I’ve scheduled to review by Monday.

What people need to understand is that just because you released an album doesn’t mean it has to be considered good. Like Redsan’s album. I tried to like it but there are issues that couldn’t be overlooked. What I will appreciate though is that he is steering the future of Kenyan music through album releases. That is a step in the right direction. No more releasing singles that get some buzz for some time then wait for another one after six months. We want the whole project; not the demo which got lucky.

Before I forget, I have been this video doing rounds on Twitter about King Kaka’s song being played in an NBA game. While I appreciate the exposure of Kenyan music overseas, I still consider it a weak song. It just is.

2019 is almost here

We can all agree 2018 has been a roller coaster ride. There have been good times and bad times. That’s just how things are. I consider it to be the best year of my life because I got a lot of things right. I got my finances in order, my blog in order and my studies in order. All in good timing too. Everything just worked out marvelously.

It can only get better in 2019. Heck, it should be twice as better than 2018 was. I’ll consider it as the year of evolution. What about you? Do you have any hopes for 2019?

Guest writing in the blog

This is actually giving me goosebumps. For those who have been keeping up with my work, this blog has changed so many times in one year alone. From the free WordPress blog to the state it is now. Trust me, I won’t mess with the aesthetics for a year. It’s too much work.

 Anyway, I want to open the doors to guest writers for this blog. Share your opinions, share your perspectives and share your music tastes with us. Post your contributions here and share it with your colleagues. What could go wrong? If you wish to send your contributions, email me at

Let’s do this.

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