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11 and 28 Mixtape Reviews

Don’t say it Elvis. Don’t say it.

Oh dear. Remember when I said that RnB has had a good year? I might retract my comments after this review.

So, Trey Songz. We all know him. He has had success in the music industry for some time now. The last album I heard from him was Trigga which was back in 2015. You can imagine how surprised I was to see that he did release another album last year. How come I never heard of it? Then he released two mixtapes a few days ago and I can see why I heard none of his new music.

Let’s talk about the mixtapes 11 and 28. Two completely different mixtapes from each other. 11 is simply a bedroom mixtape while 28 is a bragging mixtape. Both aren’t as good but I’d be okay listening to 28 more than 11.

What I like

There isn’t much to like about the mixtapes. I just like the beats and the track length of both mixtapes. 10 tracks in each mixtape. That gets a thumbs up from me. Everything else is discussed in the next segment.

What I don’t like

Buckle up people, this will be rough.

As I have mentioned before, RnB is in a weird place right now. Everyone seems to enjoy rap music more nowadays. We all remember The Weeknd saying how all the RnB guys be so lame. That’s how bad it is right now. This has forced the RnB guys to shift their style to rap music. At the same time, rappers are now singing to widen their audience. So, the singers are rapping and the rappers are singing. Who would’ve thought? End times I tell you.


The same scenario is seen with 28. It’s the rap version of Trey about how cool he is and how he can steal a man’s girl. Okay, rappers need to stop doing this. It doesn’t make you look cool; it makes you look like an asshole in the real world. Why do you always have to go for someone’s girl? Can’t you just find a girl on your own? Anyway, the songs in 28 are passable at best and it’s a shame really. Trey is such a good artist. Why bother rapping when he could sing his heart out and make hits?

Well, that’s why 11 exists. The default Trey Songz. To be honest, I had better expectations listening to 11 than 28. We all know how good he is. However, my expectations were stomped in the nuts. Let me put it this way, I have never seen someone describe sex in 10 different ways. It’s mind boggling. How?


What we have in the form of 11 are bedroom songs. Sure, there are some people who would dig this when they are getting their groove on.I would but I was expecting some variety. A little bit of sex here, a little bit of romance there and a little bit of contemplation. That would have been fine with me but instead we get one theme. Sex. Yaay.

Perhaps that is the main problem with Trey’s mixtapes. It lacks variety. In as much as 28 tries to bring out the variety, you have had it all from the rappers before. It’s exhausting at this point. Like, how long do we have to listen to the Migos talk about their ice and their Momma (Momma!)? What we have here are two mixtapes that lack variety in musical themes.

It’s a shame really because Trey has been in the industry for more than a decade now. You expect the music to get better with time but this clearly isn’t growth. This is what is called a plateau. However, I sincerely hope I’m wrong about all this when he releases his next album.

The Verdict

11 is not my cup of tea and 28 has some okay songs with great beats. Passable at best really. I give 11 a 5/10 and 28 a 5.5/10.

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