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Poppy – Am I Girl Album Review

As I mentioned in personal Twitter account, Poppy is that weird person you just can’t get enough of. She has this futuristic robot gimmick that has caught on to me. I dig it. This is a good thing because it has been a while since I saw an artist having their own gimmick. We just have artists who are just trying to make hits. Poppy is different. Even before I listened to her music, her personality on her YouTube page caught my attention. She is weird and I love it.

On to the music now. I had no idea this album existed; I only knew of one song that I love so much, Time is Up featuring Diplo. What made me realize that an album exists is when the album art cover changed on my music player. Turns out Apple Music does that all the time. That’s a decent trick and thanks to it, I had a chance to listen to the whole record and boy, do I have something to tell you.

What I like

So, this is a pop album. No surprise there given her stage name. Get it? This is a 14-track album (including the two interludes) that blends between EDM and alternative rock. In this world, such a combination should not work but it does here because it does. I have no explanation. It just does.

The production is great. It is one of the best pop albums I have heard since Artpop. That’s saying something. Artpop came out in 2013 and there has been no better pop album for five years. This alone can tell you the worrying state of Pop Music. Rap music has officially taken over the mainstream media and that should be something to worry about. Anyway, I love Poppy’s voice. She has this soft voice which gets me every time. What’s even better is how she uses it to spook you out in some of her songs like X.

Speaking of X, her version of rock music is interesting. As a huge metal fan, I have to mention how refreshing it is to listen to a new approach. It goes from all out panic to happy tunes and back to the chaos. It’s not my cup of tea but I found myself repeating those songs over and over again.

As for the EDM tracks, they’re great. Nothing more to say about them. What I particularly love about Poppy is how she stays in character. This robot character she has is something else. I’ll go ahead and say that her character made this record way better than how it would be if she was just a regular artist. I think that’s what pop music needs right now. Artists with gimmicks. Something that will catch people’s attention. Remember how Gaga was Gaga? Good times.

Before I forget, the album length is perfect. If you remove the interludes, the remaining tracks are 12 and that’s a thumbs up from me.

What I don’t like

I have nothing on this album. It’s good; It’s well produced; and well balanced. It’s difficult to find fault in it and when I do find one, I would be picking the most random things. Case and point, some of her lyrics.

If you listen to the song Girls in Bikinis, Poppy wants to see boys in bikinis because she thinks we would look so cute. Uhm…


The Verdict

I’m happy that this album exists. Throughout the 40 minutes of listening to it, I never once had second thoughts of skipping any track. Is this album the saving grace for Pop Music? I don’t think so but it is definitely a step in the right direction. It gets a 9/10 from me.

Oh, go watch her music video for X. This review will make more sense to you once you have seen the video.

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