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The Bench Talk Part 8

From the bright light, Kimani finds himself back in a familiar club. He was having a cold drink after a long day of work. What he can’t remember is why he was so deep in thought. Why was he even drinking? It’s almost as if his desire to drink just disappeared.

Kimani: One last drink won’t hurt.

As he was about to take a sip, someone tossed away his drink. Kimani saw the drink fall down to the ground. It felt weird seeing his drink going to waste like that. He knows very well that he should be angry and throw a fit over it. Not this time. Something is urging him in his gut to let it slide and perhaps, the guy will offer to buy a drink. That urge was so strong that he decided to follow it. He unclenched his fists and looked at the guy who spilled his drink. It was the governor’s son. It’s a good thing that he didn’t throw any punches.

Governor’s Son: Oh shit. My bad. That was an accident. I didn’t mean to spill your drink.

Kimani: Don’t you worry about it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to drink it anyway.

Governor’s Son: Are you sure? Then why are you here?

Kimani: That’s a good question and unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for it.

Governor’s Son: Okay. But still, I still want to compensate you for the accident. What would you like to have? Bill is on me.

Kimani: You know what I would love right now? Some food. Like a big burger with soda.

Governor’s son: That’s all you want? Are you sure you don’t want another drink because you look like you just saw a ghost.

Kimani: Ha-ha. No kidding. But, food will do just fine for me.

Governor’s Son:(Pulls out some cash) Here. I think that will cover more than enough to get you fat in no time.

Kimani: Not to worry, I can’t bite more than I can chew.

Kimani leaves the club and heads for a nearby fast food joint. As he is walking down the street, he notices something different about himself. He feels excited and renewed which is contrary to how he felt a couple of hours ago. This new him seemed to notice the little things in life. He appreciated the night sky for having beautiful stars’ even if most can’t be viewed because of the street lights. He appreciated seeing the people rushing past him. Everyone seemed to be either rushing home or going to work. Whatever the case, Kimani seemed to enjoy their presence as they all had a role to play in this world. He, too, had a role to play in the world and that was to eat.

After ordering a large burger with a large soda, Kimani headed back home only to find it looking like a mess. His kitchen was full of dishes that haven’t been washed in weeks. There were some cockroaches that seemed to have found some shelter in that pile. His laundry basket was full while other clothes spilled over. The floor was dusty which was odd because he lives on the fourth floor. Seeing his home like this got him concerned.

Kimani: Well, there is a reason why I had that burger. Time to clean things up.

He checks the time on his watch. It’s 0142 hours. It would take at least 3 hours for him to get everything done. He had to start from somewhere. The dishes. It is the easiest to do in the long list of chores to do. And so he did.

Kimani has never been determined to do anything in his life since Asha left. Now, he is cleaning up his home, handling his unsettled debt sand planning for work. This change couldn’t have come out of the blue.Something must have happened to him to experience this change. Something scary.Was it scary or enlightening? He can’t tell. Every time he tries to think about it, he hits a dead end. What he can do however is take advantage of this new change and become a better person. He couldn’t wait to go to work the following week. Wait, did he just say that?

Monday comes and Kimani is the first person to report to work. He wanted to clear all his unfinished tasks and organize his workstation.He had a hard time believing that he could be so careless with his work. He kept up his motivated act for the rest of the week. Clients were satisfied with his services, all the tasks were completed and his boss was pleased to see him get back on his feet. Things indeed were looking up for him.

With things going great for Kimani, there is still something that remains missing. Something that Kimani himself can’t replace. A companion. Asha was the best woman he had ever met and with her not being around anymore,he had to get used to the fact of being alone. Not for long however.

It was Sunday, a beautiful day indeed to rest. Kimani didn’t go to church but instead decided to take a walk in the streets. It was a chance for him to reflect all that has been going well for him in the past one week.All he wondered was whether it would get better than that. The answer came as soon as the question was asked. Kimani saw a woman trip to the floor and her packed food a bonus for the ground animals. She seemed frustrated by the incident as she tries to salvage what’s left of it. Kimani decides to help.

Lady: Great. Just great. You can’t even hold on to the only thing that makes you happy. What will I do now? That was my lunch and dinner. Why is this happening now?

Kimani: (approaches her) Are you alright?

Lady: (still picking up her stuff) Am I alright? Hmm, let’s see.I’ve just had the worst breakup in recent history. I can’t believe that idiot cheated after all I have done for him. Here I am, trying to forget about him with food. I stress-eat when I’m sad or hurt or depressed. The worst part is that I have had previous issues with my weight. Took me a full year to get this good body but here I am, trying to throw it all away and I can’t even do it right. Ugh. What’s the point of living anyway? I’m better off being dead because life can’t keep on treating me like this? (She looks up to see the person she’s talking to) Oh, hello. (Blushes)

Kimani: It seems you have a lot to talk about. But first, let me help you get up. (offers his hand) Unless you want to continue complaining from there.

Lady: You know it’s actually not that bad down here. The  is will I have to pay for my food again. (she takes his hand as she rises up)

Kimani: How about I buy you some lunch while I hear you complain some  more?

Lady: Really? I don’t mind the generous offer but do you really want to hear me complain?

Kimani: Sure. It can’t be worse than what I’ve been through.

Lady: What is this? A therapeutic session?

Kimani: I consider it as a proper introduction. The name is Kimani.

Lady: Nice to meet you Kimani. I’m Bella.

Kimani: That’s a beautiful name Bella. Now, where shall we have our lunch?

Bella: I’d rather go back to where I bought my food. It’s just a block from here. The problem is that it is full right now.

Kimani: We could order some takeaway food and look for somewhere to sit. This time, I’ll carry the food.

Bella: (Smiles) Are you trying to be funny? Because that was a lame attempt.

Kimani: I was barely trying.

They both head to get some food from the restaurant. Afterwards, they start walking around the streets looking for somewhere to sit. Luckily for them, they find an empty public bench. They quickly sit and set up a picnic. What Kimani doesn’t seem to remember is that the bench he is sitting on is the same one where he initiated a conversation with Zadkiel.

Bella: It’s weird how we have found an empty bench. Given that it is a Sunday it is always difficult to find a place to sit.

Kimani: I know right? It is weird.

Bella: So, you wanted to hear me complain some more?

Kimani: (Smiles) Yeah, why not?

Bella: I just don’t understand how things went wrong. Everything was great you know; a good upbringing; a good education; a great job; and a great companion. Nothing seemed to stop me from having everything in life. Then that bastard cheated on me with my best friend. How could he? I mean, look at me. Am I not pretty?

Kimani: You are pretty. Who wouldn’t want a person with such a smile, a pretty face with some nice curves. (stares at her boobs) So nice. I should shut up now.

Bella: (bursts out laughing) Okay, that was funny. Normally, I would consider that creepy but I appreciate the compliments. Back to my point,I don’t see why he would go for my best friend. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Kimani: I can relate. Some things just don’t make sense. All you can do is get up and move on with life.

Bella: That is true. Sounds like you have had your fair share of problems.

Kimani: You don’t even know the half of it.

Bella: I’m interested. What happened?

Kimani: My story is almost similar as yours. Good upbringing, good education and a good job. What’s different is that I hated the pressure that came with the job. I had this notion that given that I had the best grades,life would figure itself out. Little did I know that there is more learning to happen in life. So, I started drinking as a means of dealing with the stress but it too brought its own problems. One fateful night, I beat up my ex-fiancée while I was under the influence. She had informed me that she was going to leave and sleep at her friend’s place. What angered me the most is the friend is a guy who I was always suspicious of. You can see why I lost my cool. She left afterwards and my life continued spiraling down. A week ago, things just changed. I can’t explain what happened but I left the club and decided to change for the better. That was one surreal moment. Things have been looking up for me ever since and here I am now talking to a pretty lady about my messed up past.

Bella: It is messed up but you know what? It’s not your fault. Some people say if someone walks out of your life, that person wasn’t the right person for you. What you do appreciate is the lesson you learn from it.

Kimani: Yes. I want to become a better person every single day.

Bella: That’s great. How’s the progress so far?

Kimani: Good. It has only been a week but things are great. It can only get better.

Bella: Absolutely.

At this time, an old man walks toward the two. His clothes are dirty and tattered. His hair hasn’t seen a barber in quite a while and his body is thin. Again, Kimani doesn’t know this person but he can’t shake this weird feeling that they have met before. He doesn’t realize that is the old man that Zadkiel disguised himself as. Was it really him or just a regular guy? Who knows?

Old man: Saidia mzee (Help an old man)

Kimani pulled out his wallet and gave him a Ksh 1000 note. Bella is stunned by this kind gesture. So is the old man. He smiles at Kimani showing him his appreciation.

Old man: Asante sana (Thank you very much)

The old man walks away with excitement.

Bella: That was generous of you. Are you always like this?

Kimani: To be honest, no. I barely give out any money. I don’t even know why I gave him that huge note. And besides, that was part of the notes the governor’s son gave me the other day.

Bella: You know the governor’s son?

Kimani: We’re not friends as such but he did compensate for spilling my drink.

Bella: He’s the guy that cheated on me!

Kimani: Get the fuck out of here? He was your fiancé?

Bella: Yes! Until that sick bastard cheated on me. Ugh, why didn’t you punch him?

Kimani: Because it’s a bad idea. Remember the influence this guy has. He’s one phone call away from his dad causing havoc in town just to find me.

Bella: Okay, if you put it that way it makes sense. I wish we knew each other a week earlier. You would have done me a huge favor by punching him.

Kimani: I guess God didn’t want us to meet then.

Bella: It seems so. Hey, there is a new movie in the cinema. Want to go watch it?

Kimani: Is it the new Marvel movie?

Bella: Yes. Speaking of which, DC or Marvel?

Kimani: That’s a tough one. DC has better TV shows and comics but Marvel makes the best movies. I’m stuck in the middle.

Bella: I’m a huge DC fan. Batman is bae.

Kimani: Really?

Bella: Yeah, I’ll tell you more on the way.

 They both get up and walk together to the cinema. Everything seems to be back to normal for Kimani.Meanwhile, someone watches them from a distance. It is the old man. He is happy that they are together.

Old man: Way to go son.

Hotdog vendor: Hotdogs! Fresh hotdogs right here!

Old man: I could use some food to fill this stomach.

He approaches the vendor.

Old man: Yeah, can I get three hotdogs?

Vendor: Three hotdogs coming right up.

Old man: That voice is familiar. Jesus!

Vendor: Shh! Keep it down Zadkiel.

Old man: What are you doing here?

Vendor: I would ask you the same question.

Old man: I’m here on guardian angel duties. It is my job to keep an eye on him.

Vendor: Which is funny. See, he has been back for a week and you decided to come to earth today.

Old man: Hey, he was doing his thing. I just wanted to have a closer look.

Vendor: I’m so sure that is true but I wonder who would’ve made Bella trip to the ground? Is it pure coincidence?

Old man: You know very well that there is no such thing as coincidence.

Vendor: Aha! So you do admit tripping Bella.

Old man: Yes! But that was it.

Vendor: Oh really? How about making that restaurant full on purpose? How about that mysterious bee attack that chased people away from tha tbench so that Bella and Kimani could sit on it?

Old man: Did you have to be so specific?

Vendor: From what I have seen, being a guardian angel is the wrong job for you. You need to replace Cupid right away.

Old man: I’ll take that as a compliment. Anyway, why are you here?

Vendor: Well, you two decided to visit me in an alternate timeline, so I decided to return the favor.

Old man: How does it feel to be back on earth?

Vendor: Different. There is certainly more freedom of expression than before but they still have a long way to go.

Old man: How about them prophesying of your second coming?

Vendor: I am here, aren’t I?

Old man: No, not like that. Like appearing from the sky with swords and all that and shouting “King of the North!”

Vendor: Ha-ha. That’s a good reference but no. They are yet to understand how it all works.

Old man: The question is, when will they?

Vendor: That’s a good question. My question to you is, what do you think will happen to Kimani?

Old man: That’s up to him. I can’t help but watch as he makes his decisions. Only time will tell.

Vendor: He is a great guy. He’ll be fine.

Old man: Hey, are you going to serve me the hotdogs or what? I’m starving.

Vendor: Oh dear, I forgot.

Old man: I should be the one doing the serving. Not you Lord.

Vendor: Oh hush Zadkiel. It gets boring sometimes at the top. Doing such services gets me excited.

Old man: You never change.

Vendor: I’m not planning to.


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