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The first of many to come

With The Bench Talk almost coming to a close, a new segment must replace it. A permanent segment. I refer constant segments rather than making up things as I go. This new one serves my purpose just fine. I don’t know how it will be for the coming weeks or so because it is like therapy for me. This is My Random Thoughts.

They’re just thoughts. Don’t take it personally.

So, it’s a new week. December is almost here and I have nothing saved to buy for myself. Almost everything I’m using right now is ruined, cracked or old so my money will be wasted on maintenance rather than buying new stuff. Given that I didn’t buy anything during the Black Friday siesta, I guess I’ll just wait for next year. Speaking of Black Friday…

All I wanted for Black Friday…

It’s no surprise that I’m a gamer. My taste, however has narrowed down over the years. I just want to play action and simulation games. Simulation could include sports games but mainly comprise racing games.

At the beginning of the year, I had a dream of having a decent gaming rig so as to play the latest games with ease. It became quite an obsession the more I thought about it. However, when it came to the actual day of buying the laptop, I went for a productive laptop. Why? Because of my blog. See how much I love this blog? It’s scary.

On the bright side, this laptop does handle new games pretty well. For the most part. I just got the new formula one game and it’s fantastic.

This Semester sucked

No doubt. With assignments continuing to pile up and deadlines arriving like the angel of death, I think I’m officially losing it.As I write this, I have an assignment to be handed over in five hours and I am yet to type anything. This is crazy. When am I ever going to finish my time here? 😩

Weight issues

Here’s a funny story, I don’t like my body right now. It’s generally unfit. Not fat, just unfit. This is not my wish to be like this. So,I’m trying everything to keep it as active as possible. Just yesterday, I walked 20,000 steps. I don’t know how many Km those are but it was a decent effort. Also, I reduced my consumption by half which has produced some desirable results. I’ve lost 2 kg now just by reducing my consumption. I think I figured out the secret to losing weight; just reduce your eating.

The problem is that many people do know it. The issue is that they don’t apply it. Someone once told me that we as Kenyans will always be above our BMI. Yeah, I don’t want that. I want a fit body for the rest of my life.

My Happiness

Considering how I’m complaining about my weight, you would think I’m not happy. Quite the contrary, I’m content with what I have and am today. I’ve come a long way not to be happy with myself. My issue now is that I can’t usually show it off more often because, you know, I’m in campus.

Here’s something I don’t get, why are people so depressed in campus? Like it’s a competition out here. “You think you have problems, you haven’t seen nothing yet”. Come on guys. I have seen people being termed as the worst of the worst still here but the “good” ones either getting knocked up or becoming addicts. It’s crazy. What about me? How would I consider myself? A bystander. Pretty accurate at this point.

I’ve tried so many times to relate with people with all the things I’m involved in. It’s fun talking about future goals and ambitions but all people want to talk about is how they got fucked up last week. Jeez. I guess I’ll get used to being by myself then.

About the blog

I do enjoy writing for this blog. Probably the best thing that happened this year. So far, I’ve taken two short breaks which have been brought about by circumstances. *cough* Assignments *cough*. Putting that aside, I’m having a great time. As mentioned earlier, I’m aiming to be stable with my categories rather than being spontaneous. It’s funny how you come up with long term solutions over a long period of time. It has taken me three months to come up with stable segments for my three categories. I couldn’t come up with them when I was busy designing the site. Funny how things work out huh? 🤷🏽‍♂️I guess this is a good example of patience? I’m not sure.

What I am sure of is that it will only get better. 😌

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