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Seriously? He’s back?

You know what? After taking a one-week hiatus, I think I’m doing great. I actually feel good. Got some good vibes to share with you people. It’s a new me people. No more cursing, no more pettiness, just objective news reporting. This is the new me. Now, let me check what’s trending in the world of music.

*Checks the internet*

Vera Sidika comments about Otile’s junk.


Music News Roundup is a segment that looks at the latest from the world of music and keeps you updated with a touch of humor and pettiness.

So much for being positive for a change. And it’s only going to get worse. Like this next story.

Willy Paul

He is back on everyone’s radar. He is back with more shenanigans than before. I honestly don’t care about this guy nor do I care about the Gospel industry. It’s a messed up genre.

So, he released a new song with Ce’cile a week ago called Sikireti. Hold on. Sikireti? Is he coming up with his own words now? What happened to the integrity of the Swahili language? Also, doing a collaboration with Ce’cile isn’t that shocking because, you know, it has been done before. Also,also, she is a secular musician. Why on earth is he doing a song with her. I don’t get it.

It gets worse when Ce’cile tries to defend Will Paul with his crazy antics. Of all the people you know in your life, you decided to defend him. Turns out it didn’t take her long to realize her mistake when he posted a shirtless pic on his IG. According to other media sources, Ce’cile questioned his motive in the comment section which led to people making harsh comments which consequently forced the gospel man to disable the comments. Wow.

As I mentioned earlier, the gospel industry is messed up. Just look at what people accept as gospel music nowadays. Bahati now has a reality show for whatever reason, Willy Paul is just…Willy Paul and I honestly wouldn’t care about the rest. Here’s the thing, they are just creating buzz to stay relevant. It’s that simple. Willy Paul is creating so much buzz so as to get people to listen to his new song. Fair point. Bahati is showing off how his life is or his staged life. Seriously, who cares about this stuff? I, now, turn to the people for being messed up because was it not for the messed up people,we wouldn’t have messed up gospel artists. Next.

New Album Releases

A slow week of album releases but I have two to review this week.

Jaden Smith – The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story

Given the success of his father during the 90s as a rapper, you would expect for the offspring to make a dent in the industry. I have seen the documentaries of how they come up with new inspiration for their art and music. It’s pretty decent. I’m only assuming that this album went through the same treatment.

You’ll get a review and more insight tomorrow.

Anderson. Paak – Oxnard 

I should’ve reviewed this one a week ago but given the kind of life I have in campus; I couldn’t find time to make some comments. This forces me to listen to it again and make comprehensive conclusions. So far, it’s a decent album. Nothing to complain about.

That’s it for this week. I thought I would get better things to report about only to find more nonsense. Here is my sincere hope that I don’t have to report about Willy Paul again. Global warming people. It. Is. Real.

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