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Got to have me some coffee

Every day in the morning, at least for the past couple of weeks, I have been waking up to a nice hot cup of coffee. Dormans Coffee to be precise. I love it. It is the best roasted coffee I have had in years. The taste will just leave you wanting another cup. It is that good.

Enough about my preferences, let’s get back to the topic at hand. Why coffee? Because, it’s a damn good beverage. That’s why. I should point out which country I live in. I’m a native Kenyan and in my country, things are a little interesting. You see, people like to have tea for breakfast. Not just any tea, tea with milk. I, too, have been having it for the better part of my life because I got used to the tradition. I mean, you do as the Romans do right?

This weird culture of Kenyans, which isn’t globally accepted, has been my morning routine for the past 19 years or so. It was fine. That’s all I can say. It was just fine. However, I never felt energized when I had a cup of tea. For the most part, I felt like sleeping or, even worse, hungrier.

Two weeks ago, however, I decided to ditch the tea and began my relationship with coffee. I have to say, it has done wonders for me. Not only do I feel energized when I have a cup, I also don’t feel hungry for at least five hours. That is insane. I’ve just been fine and go about my business as usual. I can’t tell you how it has changed everything about my mornings. Everything just kicks off in the right note.

The best about the whole experience is looking forward to the next morning so that I could have another cup. God damn, it is so good. There was this one morning where I was dancing to my playlist while waiting for the coffee to brew. I’ve never done that before. Never have I ever woken up in the morning and started dancing around the room while waiting for my beverage to get ready.

Well, we can say it has changed my mornings forever.

I’d advise you to do the same. Ditch the tea and replace it with coffee. Not just any coffee. Roasted coffee. If you live in Kenya, leave the milk tea and go buy yourself some Dormans Coffee. If you live abroad, just look up some of the roasted coffee products available and make a conscious decision. I wouldn’t pick Nescafe though. It’s just meh.

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