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Vera can sing!

Ariana Grande making headlines this week and Vera Sidikajust released a new song. I repeat, Vera Sidika has just released a new song.What??

Music News Roundup is a segment that looks at the latest from the world of music and keeps you updated with a touch of humor and pettiness.

Ariana Grande

Quite a busy week for Ariana. She released a music video Breathin from her recent album Sweetener and released a new song Thank you, Next. It’s basically a song where she thanks her exes for teaching her valuable lessons. It’s a decent song. That’s all that I can say.

I love Ariana Grande. I love her music and I definitely admire her rise to stardom but one cannot fail to mention the number of misfortunes along the way. From the unfortunate terror attack during her concert in Manchester to her dating life. Especially the latter. Yikes.

Do you remember when she was dating Big Sean? Yeah, that was a mess. Then we had Mac Miller who had drug issues then Pete Davidson whom she was engaged to then it was called off. People speculate it was because of Mac’s death but I don’t know what to believe. I feel sorry for Ariana. I really do. Stay strong.

New Music Releases

Tyga feat Nicki Minaj – Dip

Well, I didn’t expect this collaboration this soon. Given thatNicki Minaj had some nice words to say about Tyga’s hairline. Anyway, we haveDip, which is an okay song. I dig the beats but the rest is just okay. I’mgetting tired of seeing Nicki Minaj in every featured song at this point. It’skind of stale. However, I will give credit to Tyga for making a great comebackthis year. That, ladies and gents, is how you bounce back.

Vera Sidika – Nalia

Okay, time to be honest. I did not see this one coming. I don’t think anyone did. Vera decided to release her new song on YouTube this past Saturday. As soon as it was released, all social media platforms were buzzing. That’s the kind of influence she has. People may talk shit about her methods to get to the top but truth be told, she is getting things done.

About the song, it’s a song about Otile Brown. Of course it is. I was going to ignore talking about it for all the right reasons. As I have mentioned time and time again, global warming is of more concern to the world than what goes on between those two individuals. What has made me talk about this is Vera herself. Is she making her debut in the music industry? If so, what a way to begin your career.

Let it be known that she is natively from the coast whichmakes sense why the song has coast vibes. The video itself is good. Excellentbtw. I mean, she has the means to make a quality video. For her standards, shehas outdone herself with this song. I’m just not so sure if I’ll be willing tohear more of her music. Will there be an album? A tour? Will she be a dedicatedartist? That is all I need to know. For now, she is doing okay for herself.

That’s it for this week. I’m still in shock. Vera Sidika making music. It is true what they say, anything is possible.

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