The Anomaly Diary

The Decision

The Bench Talk Part 7

Kimani: Tell me, have I failed you?

Zadkiel: Me? No, you haven’t.

Kimani: I feel like I have. I mean, I’m here in the spiritual realm talking to you about what went wrong.

Zadkiel: Why are you having this sense of guilt? You have done nothing wrong.

Kimani: But I have Zadkiel. I’m sorry for letting you down. For letting God down and for letting myself down.

Zadkiel: Okay, let’s go somewhere. Come on, on your feet.

Kimani: Where are we going?

Zadkiel: You’ll see. Just walk through that exit door.

Kimani and Zadkiel head for the door. They open the door to a local town. It is full of people walking around everywhere. It seems like people are busy going to see someone talk. What Kimani notices is the kind of civilization they are in. They must be in the New Testament era of the Bible. Kimani is so sure of it. He also notices that his clothes have changed and Zadkiel’s too.

Kimani: Hey! When did we have a change of clothes?

Zadkiel: You’ll get used to it.

Kimani: How many times have I heard that statement?

Zadkiel: Look, that’s a discussion for another day. We are here for another agenda. Follow me.

The two walk past the busy streets of the town. Kimani couldn’t stop looking at his surroundings. The crude building structures, the residents and the dusty narrow paths. It was almost as if he was taking a history class.

Zadkiel: Does this place look familiar to you?

Kimani: Yes, it does. I think we are in the New Testament era of the Bible.

Zadkiel: Very good. We are in the year 40 AD according to the Gregorian calendar. We are in Damascus. The people here are native semites. There is someone here who has made an unexpected visit and people are going to see him. We are going to listen to what he has to say.

Kimani: They are speaking a different language. One that I’ve never heard before.

Zadkiel: You mean Aramaic? It is a dying language during your time but it was prominent in this era.

Kimani: I can understand them too. This lady wants her son to stop stealing mangoes from the fruit vendor!

Zadkiel: Ahem!

Kimani: Yes, I’ll get used to it.

Zadkiel: We are almost there.

They arrive to a small podium where a large crowd has gathered. There is a tall man with beautiful dark hair waving at the crowd. His beard stood out like a lion’s mane and his smile was so infectious that Kimani found himself smiling involuntarily.

Zadkiel: That never gets old. His smile. It always gives you hope and peace at the same. There is nothing quite like it. He still gets me in the spirit world. It’s what you people call good vibes.

Kimani: I feel like my worries have been taken away. I feel like I’m at peace with myself.

Zadkiel: Have you ever felt like this before?

Kimani: No. I know how it feels to get a promotion or earn some good cash but this is different. This feels like bliss.

Zadkiel: It is pure bliss.

Kimani: Who is that?

Zadkiel: That’s Jesus.

Kimani: Wait what? I thought he did at 33 years old.

Zadkiel: He did, in another timeline. We are in an alternate timeline when he avoided the betrayal of Judas at the garden. He simply walked away. That’s all he did. He just left Jerusalem without a trace. That one decision to walk away has changed everything about this timeline. No arrest, no unfair trial, no scourging, no crucifixion. Nothing. He just continued with this message of love.

Kimani: That means that he won’t leave a legacy to be remembered for centuries to come. I bet he isn’t the Lord and Savior in my time.

Zadkiel: You are right. He isn’t. Again, that one decision changes everything. All the events of the earth that are to follow are completely different from your time.

Kimani: Why are we here then?

Zadkiel: I’m helping you make a decision. You are conflicted about whether to stay in heaven or go back to earth to change the events of life. What I’m showing you is how every action that people make has an impact on the outcome of things. You are part of the driving force of the universe. It will always be up to you on how you want things to be. If you feel that you have done your best during your time on earth, then I would encourage you to have wonderful adventures with me. However, if you feel that your mission is still incomplete, we can always return you to a crucial point in your life and steer you in the right direction.

Kimani: It’s all up to me. I can’t shake this feeling that I have a heavy burden on my shoulders with this decision.

Zadkiel: It is an important decision. One that only you can make.

Kimani: I don’t know Zadkiel. It’s all too much for me right now. I can’t…what?

Kimani sees a familiar face pass by him. It’s Asha. What is she doing there? Why is she a semite?

Kimani: Asha! What is she doing here?

Zadkiel: Didn’t I tell you? People come back to earth as many times as they wish to.

Kimani: I thought once was already enough.

Zadkiel: No. Once can never be enough. It’s a never ending game. Consider the earth to be a simulation and every century or so, the rules of the game change. Souls yearn to experience this change and be whoever they want to be. One moment, you are a king, the other a peasant. It’s all part of the soul’s curiosity. As you can see, Asha is quite a curious soul. This isn’t her first time here.

Kimani: She still has that beautiful smile that I always remember.

Zadkiel: Some things never change.

As Jesus is waving to the crowd, he notices Kimani and Zadkiel. He winks at them and continues waving at the crowd.

Kimani: Did he just wink at us? Did Jesus Christ just wink at us?

Zadkiel: What do you think? Come on, it’s time for us to leave.

Kimani: Right now? I wanted to hear his sermon. How awesome would it be to listen to his sermon in person?

Zadkiel: You’ll have your chance one day. The message he’s about to deliver isn’t meant for you. Let’s go back.

Zadkiel and Kimani go inside an open building. Zadkiel closes the door behind them and opens it again to find themselves back at the theatre. Ayar and Brooke are waiting for them. Kimani knows that it is time to make a decision.

Ayar: Hey old man, you done talking to your guy?

Zadkiel: Very funny coming from a person wearing like a secretary about to do a porn scene.

Brooke: Hey! We only look like this so as to make Kimani comfortable.

Zadkiel: I don’t think he is comfortable with your kind of dressing Brooke. Those boobs will pop out any time now. Hey, why not wear a decent robe?

Ayar: Spare us old man. We are not even here for you. We are here to see Kimani. (Turning to Kimani). We hope that you have made a decision.

Kimani: Yes, I have. I want to go back. I now understand that I was meant to enjoy my time on earth because it is a never ending game. Before, I thought that life was an endless struggle but now I realize that life is a celebration of God’s magnificence.

Brooke: Well said. Any last words you would like to say to Zadkiel before you go back?

Kimani: yes. (Turns to Zadkiel) I want to thank you for being with me all this time. I know I have been stubborn for the most part of the journey but I desire to make things right.

Zadkiel: You are welcome. I’ll be watching closely as I always have.

Kimani: Can we pick up our adventures once I get back?

Zadkiel: Trust me, it won’t be long before you get back. Time is all we have here.

Ayar: Okay, if you would follow us back to the exit door.

Kimani follows the two ladies.

Brooke: One last thing, once you get back to earth, you won’t remember having any adventures here. You won’t even know if you died?

Kimani: How come?

Brooke: It’s a game Kimani. Think of it as we are loading your last saved Checkpoint. You’ll pick up your life from the point where things went wrong. Caution is advised on how you go about things this time. You might end up doing the same things and end up here again and again. To avoid this, we’ll nudge you in the right direction. Just for that one crucial moment. Afterwards, the ball will be on your court.

Kimani: Understood.

Ayar: Hey, did you like our outfits?

Kimani: Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it.

Brooke: He liked them.

Ayar: (opening the door) After you.

The door opens to a magnificent white light. Kimani walks in as his vision turns to white.

To be continued…  

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