Black Eyed Peas – Masters of the Sun Album Review

They are back people. The Black Eyed Peas are back. This time, however, Fergie is not with them as she is reported to be working on a project of her own. It sucks because I liked Fergie. She blended in well with the group.

Anyway, the hip hop band is back and are taking us back to their roots. Back to Hip Hop. This is a good thing since I wasn’t a fan of their pop move despite having huge success with it. Now, we have Masters of the Sun Vol 1, an album that I love so much but can’t fail to criticize the band for making it now. You’ll see what I mean.

What I like

As I said, I love this album. Everything about it is great. It has 12 tracks! 12! I’m a happy man.

The production is what I would call a throwback to the old days. Simple beats that keep you in the zone. What I love about it is that it makes you appreciate the fact that there is still some good hip hop music out there. In the modern era of trap music and mumble rap, I can definitely appreciate the Black Eyed Peas effort to remind us of how hip hop began; by sending a message to the world.

A message is indeed being sent to us through this record. If you listen to the tracks Yes or No and Ring the Alarm Pt 1, 2 and 3, they remind us of how fucked up the world is right now and that it is up to us to change things. Given that there is an upcoming election in the US, this message couldn’t come in a better time. Even outside the US, things are really messed up. It’s a global issue. We need to chill out.

Probably what I love about Masters of the Sun is how it makes me feel after listening to it. I have mentioned about this feeling when I talked about MDQ’s and Let’s eat grandma’s albums. What makes music so great is how it makes you feel at the end of the day. When you listen to this album, you’ll feel so good because you’ve listened to a mature album. The same feeling, I got when listening to 4:44 and for the most part of Tha Carter V. Did I mention that the album has 12 tracks? 😂

I think I’ll start a campaign to ensure that all albums have a maximum of 12 tracks. We don’t want crazy track listings like the one we got with Chris Brown last year. Who the hell has time to listen to 40+ tracks?

What I don’t like

There is nothing wrong with this record. Absolutely nothing. I should be criticizing the album length but it’s a perfect 12. I should be talking about the okay rapping but everything about the rapping is great. So, what is wrong with the record? The fact that it is good.

What Masters of the Sun has shown us is that The Black Eyed Peas still and will always have the potential of making great music. This wasn’t the case when they released their okay pop albums, The End and The Beginning over 8 years ago. Despite them gaining worldwide success, they were considered sell-outs by the hip-hop community. To be honest, I can’t blame them. Music evolves with time and it’s recommended to take risks with different ventures. They did that and look at what they have achieved so far.

Looking at it from this perspective brings up a dilemma. How should I really feel about this album? I’ll just take it for what it is, a great album.

The Verdict

Masters of the Sun Vol 1 is a welcome return to hip hop for the Black Eyed Peas. It can be added to the best albums of the year category because it is that good. I highly recommend everyone to listen to it. In the meantime, I’ll wait for Vol 2. I give it a 9.5/10.

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