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Talk about disorganization

Goodness me, it has been an eventful week. No time to waste; let’s do this.

Music News Roundup is a segment that looks at the latest from the world of music and keeps you updated with a touch of humor and pettiness.

More Vera and Otile Nonsense

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Wizkid Concert in Nakuru

We begin with Wizkid’s concert that was planned and organized by NRG radio. The lineup was good too, having the likes of Khaligraph Jones and Ethic meant that the crowd had the time of their life. Wizkid, too, showed why people paid money to go and see him. You would assume that everything went fine, yes? No.

In as much as other blogs aren’t talking much about what really went down, some people decided to take their frustrations to Twitter. Trust Twitter to have the real insights about anything. One guy decided to talk about the poor organization and sound issues Wizkid faced during his performance. It was also mentioned that most of the performances were mediocre. To be honest, I can’t back this statement because I’m yet to see other people complain about the other performances.

Here are the tweets.

Lmao #KatikaFestival issa flop. Acha tulewe I’ll tell y’all about it tomorrow— KYALO🇰🇪 (@jamlick__) November 3, 2018

So about #KatikaFestival, that was the most disorganized event I’ve ever attended. Wow NRG can really fuck things up. Next time Wizkid atakuja kutake breakfast na giraffes sio kuimba.— KYALO🇰🇪 (@jamlick__) November 4, 2018

Ticketing!!! Mess bruh. The regular entrance was like a Jubilee rally with stagnant queues. It’d take you roughly two hours to make it to the front. Me and my pal had to use to the “who do you know ” play!— KYALO🇰🇪 (@jamlick__) November 4, 2018

Forget tikiti.. is the worst ticketing platform you’ll ever come across. An insult to technology. Their tickets have no QR Codes. They use serial no.s to cross check. I sensed it?— KYALO🇰🇪 (@jamlick__) November 4, 2018

Event started kido 1am😂😂 average performance from Ethic, Le Band, Fena, Vivian tried. Khaligraph killed the show. That dude can really perform 🔥(hii ndo time wasee walikua nje waliingia na gate, everyone inside) #KatikaFestival— KYALO🇰🇪 (@jamlick__) November 4, 2018

Now Wizkid is here and the sound is pathetic. Live band trying so hard to catch up. DJ was so clueless 😭 man’s kept disappointing Wizkid he was almost crying. 😂 he did acapella almost half of the show cos sound wasn’t coming through. Mo Sound apo mmechoma #KatikaFestival— KYALO🇰🇪 (@jamlick__) November 4, 2018

Wizkid kept calling the Dj out. Complained about the sound like after every song. “Turn that shit off man”
At some point in the middle of the show the Dj played Soco Soco, it was supposed to be the climax. Jamaa si alikula moto 😂
He kept us entertained though #KatikaFestival— KYALO🇰🇪 (@jamlick__) November 4, 2018

I think I have talked about poor organization by the event organizers. A few weeks back, I was talking about the disorganization that troubled Tarrus Riley’s concert. While it is good to see Kenya being a hotspot for artists to visit, it is the blatant disorganization of the planners that is giving us a bad rep.

Speaking of a bad rep…

Harmonize drama in Eldoret

This has been a story I have followed closely because I am in Eldoret at the moment. So, Chaget Festival was planned to happen this past weekend with the star being Harmonize. It was hyped all around town and let me not mention the big welcome he received when he landed in Eldoret. I, for sure, seemed interested to go but I didn’t. Thank God I didn’t.

Turns out Harmonize was a no show. This was confirmed by the event planners at 1 am after they hyped the crowd for hours. The crowd got angry and demanded a refund from the planners. Things took a wrong turn when the crowd got violent and started hurling stuff at the stage. What’s even worse is that Harmonize was detained in his hotel room because of unpaid bills. Now who does that remind you of? 🤔

You can read more about it here. This is the third time I’m talking about poor organization by the planners. Something definitely needs to change. And yeah, the meme that was created after the drama was funny. 😂


New Music Update

Two songs have premiered this past week:


It seems that QC wants every member of the Migos to have their time to shine. After releasing Quavo Huncho, Takeoff is next with a new single. I kind of dig it. It’s much better than what Quavo had to offer in his 19-track album. I’m honestly looking forward to his album because I love Takeoff. Who doesn’t love Takeoff? 🤷‍♂️


I’m particularly excited about this one. It has been four years since we got a new song from Slipknot. While new music from them was slated for 2019, this one took everyone by surprise. I didn’t expect one so soon. You can imagine how excited I was.

What I do know that this isn’t going to be part of the new album. They decided to make a song that would keep us busy while we wait for new material. This is all according to Corey Taylor who sat down with Zane Lowe of Apple Music. Seriously, guys. Subscribe to Apple Music. It’s a great experience. Spotify fans don’t misquote me. I didn’t say Apple Music is better than Spotify. I actually talked about it in another article.

Anyway, here’s the new video.

And that is a wrap for this week. Whew! If only all weeks were like this. By the way, don’t come at me because I didn’t talk about the Vera and Otile drama. As I have said before, global warming is real. Let us not waste time on irrelevant matters such as theirs. Thank you. 😊

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