Quavo – Quavo Huncho Album Review

Given the success of Migos’ album Culture in 2017, rumors were spreading about the three members going their individual ways. The funniest rumor had to be the one that claimed that Quavo was the Beyonce of the group. Here’s the thing, none of these rumors were true but they came close. For starters, the group is still together but doing their individual projects while Quavo is indeed getting that Beyonce treatment.

That’s what we got a couple of weeks ago with Quavo’s debut album, Quavo Huncho. As I mentioned before, I wasn’t really excited to listen to it. Why? Because of the Migos formula of making hits. These guys can rap about anything and make it sound cool. Not bad but it can get stale if you listen to it for a prolonged period of time. That was my main complaint with Culture II. It was too long. Now, we have Quavo Huncho, a 19-track album from one third of the Migos. Let’s just say I forced myself to listen to it.

After two weeks of listening, does my first impression still hold a candle? Yeah, for the most part. It’s an okay album. Just okay. There are a few highlights here and there but they can’t save the whole record.

What I like

There isn’t much to like to be honest. Just a couple of things.

I enjoy the production of the whole record. It is top notch and the beats are great. Probably the highlight of the album. I dig it. The beats are the only reason why I was able to listen to the album over and over again.

The features are also good. My favorite has to be Travis Scott’s feature in Rerun. There is just something about La Flame. He has some quality. Their chemistry is great in that song. Offset and Takeoff are also featured in the album. Of course. My biggest surprise was seeing Madonna collaborating with Quavo. I’m not sure if that was a sample feature or if Madonna actually did a song with him. Who knows?

What I don’t like

Where do I start?

Too long

I now sound like a broken record whenever I talk about an album being too long. QC decided to include 19 songs in this album for whatever reason. Unlike Tha Carter V, most of the songs are just filler. If someone was to ask me, there would be 7 tracks in the album i.e. from track 13-19. Those are just my favorite picks based on preference. There could be other good songs but we can all agree that Fuck 12 is just a bad song. Come on Quavo.

One more thing dear artists, stop releasing long albums. Just give us good songs to enjoy, not the whole draft.

Half Baked

When I was listening to this album, I always had this assumption that Offset or Takeoff will come in the next verse despite me knowing very well that it is a Quavo project. It just feels incomplete without the other guys. It’s not that Quavo is doing anything wrong. He’s actually using the Migos formula fully but the problem is that it’s not working this time. Perhaps we are used to hearing the three guys together. Maybe.

Which brings me to my biggest problem with the album:


You may have noticed that I haven’t praised his rapping skills. That’s because they aren’t that great. To be honest, Quavo isn’t my favorite rapper of the three. His flow is just okay. Everything is just okay. I wouldn’t call it bad because he can sure spit some bars but it’s just okay. Even if the beats are hot, his rapping makes the song sound okay.

That’s a big problem because I was expecting something more from him other than what I know about him already. I was expecting a new side from him like what we saw with Takeoff on Culture II. Unfortunately, we got the same old Quavo which makes me question the whole point of releasing this album. We got nothing new.

The Verdict

It’s an okay album from an okay rapper. That is all I have to say about it really. Nothing special about the album. This is Quavo being Quavo. The good thing is that I don’t feel like my time has been wasted on it. I give it a 6/10. Once again, it’s just okay.


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