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Talk about being petty

A couple of stories that I’m so eager to get into. Let’s do this.

Music News Roundup is a segment that looks at the latest from the world of music and keeps you updated with a touch of humor and pettiness.

Speaking of pettiness…

50 Cent taking pettiness to a whole new level

This has been the funniest thing that I have seen this week. So, Ja Rule is set to have a live show somewhere and Curtis decided to buy out the tickets so that the show would be empty. What’s even worse is that he posted an image of him mocking the show that was yet to happen. I swear to God Curtis Jackson is one petty rich man.

Who I feel sorry for is Ja Rule. Damn, he has had it rough in his career ever since that rap beef with Em. Do you remember how everyone brought up the Ja Rule beef when MGK dissed Eminem? Yeah, it was that bad. Now, 50 Cent doesn’t want to bury the hatchet but has instead decided to take pettiness to a whole new level. That’s Curtis for you ladies and gentlemen.

You can read more about the full story here.

New Album Releases

Only one album has been getting a buzz in the past few days. It’s Black Eyed Peas’ latest record, Masters of the Sun Vol 1 and from what I have read, it seems that they are going back to their roots. This also marks their first record after Fergie left the group.

I certainly hope that the album is as good as people say it is. We certainly don’t need another woke album. Sure, things are messed up in the US but this constant attack at Trump and the bad state of economics is getting old. Life has to move on eventually. The funny thing is that the Black Eyed Peas gained recognition for their political messages before they went to that weird state of pop and dance. Anyway, I’ll have more to talk about it in the review.

Speaking of reviews, there are so many albums on my to-do list. Here is to hoping I finish my list by the end of the week so stop by every day for album reviews.

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