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Another slow week

A slow week in the world of music. Let’s get through this quick.  

Music News Roundup is a segment that looks at the latest from the world of music and keeps you updated with a touch of humor and pettiness.

Tarrus Riley in Kenya

As many people know, Tarrus Riley put on an amazing show this past weekend. The fans were given a show to be remembered for the years. Everyone was talking about the lively band and Riley’s charisma. I won’t waste my time talking about the great performance. I will, however, talk about the other things which are reported to have gone wrong.

According to Nairobi News, the media covering the event were subjected to unending frustration right from the word go. Most media guys had to wait for hours to look for their names in the regular entrance. What’s even surprising is how people were complaining about the VIP treatment. From what I could see from my Twitter feed, guys were saying there was no difference if you paid for VIP or regular tickets. These problems obviously fall on the event organizers, Homeboyz Radio.

As far as poor organization goes, this is not the first time we have heard such reports. Remember Redsan’s album launch and the problems associated with it? It seems people organize these events just to make some quick cash. The biggest crime must be the VIP treatment. There is a good reason why people pay for such tickets. I, personally, would pay for VIP so that I would have a better experience. It’s sad when you pay extra cash only to be treated as a regular.

Kim and Kanye in Uganda

Uhm. Yeah. I don’t know what to say about this. Given the fact that there is a civil war going on in Uganda, Mr. and Mrs. West’s presence doesn’t make things better. It actually raises a lot of eye brows. I won’t waste another sentence on this topic again. You can go and read more about it here.

That’s it for this week. There were some album releases but I’ll just talk about them when I review them. Speaking of reviews, look forward to Ella Mai and Quavo Huncho Album Reviews this week.

Photo Credit: Mpasho News

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