The Anomaly Diary

The Hallway

The Bench Talk Part 5

Kimani found himself in a hallway. A white beautiful hallway. He couldn’t find words to describe the beauty but he was in full admiration of all that he saw. As he walked down the hallway, he saw a reception desk at the end with two ladies behind it. He still had no idea where he was at that time. Maybe they know.

As he approached the desk, he noticed the striking beauty of the ladies. They were dressed in white and their long hair flowing gracefully down their bodies. It was almost as if Kimani was dreaming at this point. He tried asking them a question but words failed him. Ah, how could he forget? It has never been easy for him to approach a lady since Asha left him. One of the ladies noticed his presence and began to talk to him.

Lady 1: Welcome Kimani. How may we help you?

Kimani: You, you know my name?

Lady 1: Of course we do. We know everyone who exists in this universe. That’s our job; to ensure that we keep tabs on everyone.

Kimani: Doesn’t it get boring?

Lady 2: Oh, no. We love our jobs. Plus, the aspect of time doesn’t affect as it did to you when you were on earth.

Kimani: Wait, so I’m not dreaming at all. I’m actually dead?

Lady 1: Yes, that’s the sad part. You should be rejoicing, however, because you are going to be reunited with The Creator once more.

Kimani: God?

Lady 2: Whatever you may choose to call The Creator, She appreciates the fact that you acknowledge Him.

Kimani: This is too much for me to take…

Lady 1: Careful what you wish for. I mean it this time. Things are different around here. Your thoughts create your reality here. If you’re thinking about someone, that person will definitely appear.

Kimani: Whoa, so if I can think of a pig… (thinks of one)

A pig comes down the hallway looking for food. Kimani is amazed by the wonders of his newly found power.

Lady 1: (smiling) You just had to think of a pig. Okay, that’s enough. (Claps her hands and the pig disappears).

Kimani: Why didn’t God think of giving us this power when we are on earth?

Lady 2: You do have that power. It’s just that you are affected by the aspect of time. Ever heard of the saying ‘Everything takes time’ or ‘Patience Pays’?

Kimani: Ah. You mean to tell me these sayings came from heaven?

Lady 1: All things do come from heaven.

Kimani: Am I in heaven right now?

Lady 1: No. You’re on the hallway to heaven. Whenever a person dies, he/she must pass through here. The Creator normally gives an individual a chance to decide whether to join us in heaven and explore more of the universe or go back to earth to attend to unfinished business.

Lady 2: When someone decides to go back to earth, which rarely happens, we normally send them back to a time when they’ll make things right. At first, we gave people the choice of going back at any point of their lives as they wished but they ended up not being satisfied. After millennia of seeing this issue, The Creator decided that we only send you back where things went wrong and where your heart feels the need to correct things. I can already see that you’re thinking of how you got suspended.

Kimani: You can read my thoughts?

Lady 1: Everyone can do that. You’ll get used to it if you decide to stay.

Kimani: If I may ask, how did I die? I don’t think my liver gave up on me or that I succumbed to an illness.

Lady 2: For your timeline, no. You decided to go with timeline number 1,583,497,212 where Governor Lumumba’s son hired someone to spike your drink with poison.

Kimani: Okay. You mean to tell me that alternate realities exist?

Lady 1: (talking to Lady 2) He isn’t even bothered with the manner in which he died. Interesting,

Kimani: Hello?

Lady 2: Let me put it this way, every theory you’ve heard on earth is true. From alternate realities to aliens, they are all true.

Kimani: This means they were all right. Wow, that’s amazing. Wait, if aliens do exist, doesn’t that mean that there are all sorts of beings in heaven.

Lady 1: More than what you can imagine. I can tell you that these are not our original forms. We only appear like this so as to make things comfortable for you. We don’t want you to be tormenting yourself when you just got here.

Kimani: Speaking of torment, does hell exist?

Lady 2: Kind of.

Kimani: Kind of?

Lady 2: Remember when Ayar mentioned how your thoughts create your reality?

Kimani: Yes.

Lady 1: One thing you normally carry over to here is your thoughts of things. Be it the concept of love to even the concept of religion. Some have come here believing that they have greatly sinned and that they deserve punishment. Because of this, they create their own hell.

Kimani: Can’t you do something about it?

Lady 2: We wish we can but that would defeat the purpose of the Creator’s wish.

Kimani: And that is?

Lady 1: The power of free will. Since they have decided to create their own hell, only they can come out of it.

Kimani: Damn. Do they ever come out?

Lady 1: They all will at one point but it’s just a matter of when they will realize it.

Kimani: Which means it could take forever.

Lady 2: Exactly. But, time is all we have around here.

Lady 1: (Talking to Lady 2) I think it’s time for us to get to the agenda at hand.

Lady 2: I agree. Now, as you’re aware of your death and presence on the hallway to heaven, we would like to ask you a few questions.

Kimani: Sure.

Lady 1: Great. If you may just have a seat.

Kimani: I didn’t see any seat when I came here. (Turns back to find a chair). Oh. I’m not used to this. (Sits).

Lady 1: You will. So, how would you describe your life on earth?

Kimani: Horrible, confusing, misguided.

Lady 2: Straight to the point. I like you already. Did you ever feel like someone was watching over you?

Kimani: Yeah. At times. When things were going great, I could feel like someone had my back. The only time I ever felt like that again is when I was talking to this old man at a public bench.

Both ladies look at each other.

Kimani: What?

Lady 1: It’s just that we recognize that old man.

Kimani: You do? What’s his name?

Lady 2: Zadkiel.

Kimani: Where have I heard this name before?

Lady 1: On an angel website when you wanted to know if your life will bear any fruits.

Kimani: Don’t tell me you keep tabs on my browser history.

Lady 2: We even know how much you loved porn. Especially the office scenes. That’s where we got our looks from so that you might be comfortable.

Lady 1: It was a crazy idea. (laughs)

Kimani: I feel embarrassed.

Lady 2: What for? Sex is great. Besides, I kind of like this outfit. We should be welcoming all people from earth in this outfit.

Lady 1: You know what Brooke, that’s a great idea. Did you see how he was unable to speak for a while?

Lady 2: I know, right? We look fabulous.

Kimani: Next question, please.

Lady 2: Sorry, we were just messing around. Last question, would you wish to go back to earth and try to have an alternate ending to your life?

Kimani: I don’t know. I was ready to go to heaven until you told me that I was talking to my guardian angel moments before I was dying. I feel like he was trying to nudge me in the right direction but I had already made my bed. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll provide an answer right now, not until I speak to him.

Lady 1: Your wish is our command. You will find Zadkiel when you open that door to your right. Once you finish your chat, we expect that you come back here with an answer.

Kimani: What if I decide to wander about?

Lady 2: That’s when you’ll have a not-so-friendly conversation with Arch-Angel Michael. A decision has to made in the end.

Kimani: I understand. Thank you so much for your time and assistance.

Lady 1: Karibu sana, Kimani.

Kimani: Hey, you speak Swahili.

Lady 2: We know every language that exists. Everyone here knows them. Don’t be surprised.

Kimani: This place sure is something else.

Kimani walks towards the door. He once again looks at the beauty of the hallway. He wonders what more is there to explore in this wonderful place.

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