Muthoni The Drummer Queen -She Album Review

Kenyan music is in a weird place right now. It is filled with average musicians whose main aim seems to sell whatever they give us. Even when the content offered is half-baked, it will be shoved down our throats. Gospel music seemed to have taken over as the preferred mainstream music in the country but it has its own problems. So, where are we left at this point? The secular artists are busy trying to sell us mediocre music, up and coming artists are trying to sell sex via social media and the gospel industry is just in its own world. Where has the art of music gone to? Not to worry, Muthoni The Drummer Queen is here to the rescue.

Muthoni’s music style has been best described as eclectic. She rarely sticks to one formula which makes her music quite a joy to listen to. With her latest album, She, she shows maturity in her music and takes it up a notch making her one of the best artists in the country. Her work is a celebration of the art of music and I really appreciate her efforts in this record.

What I like

Let me not waste your time; This record is great. Everything from the production to the lyrics to the music direction is just fantastic. One thing you’ll notice is that it doesn’t feel like it was locally produced. Muthoni makes her own music on her own terms and it works well. Btw, it has 12 tracks. Praise the heavens.

Her lyrical themes are broad in this record. From talking about the state of politics in Kenya to standing up for the girl-child, she delivers her message home. Nothing feels forced in any of her songs nor does it feel like she was trying to appease a certain crowd. She has a message to deliver and whether you hear it or not is up to you.

That’s probably what I enjoy about the whole record. You are just supposed to enjoy the music. It’s not meant to make the kids sing every lyric and it certainly isn’t meant to be a club sensation. This is a celebration of music at its best. As I said in Let’s Eat Grandma’s album review, it is all about enjoying the music.

What I don’t like

I really don’t have anything against this record. It’s just amazing. Perhaps the only issue I have with this record is that it may go unnoticed for what it is. Given what Kenyans seem to like nowadays, it will be just an afterthought. That’s a damn shame.

The Verdict

I’ll say it, this is the best Kenyan album I’ve heard this year and probably in a long while. Kenyan artists are not known for releasing albums but for the few that exist, this one stands tall. If someone was to ask me to give them the best of Kenyan music, this record would be the first on my mind. It’s amazing how far we have come. Thank you MDQ. This was awesome. I give it a 9.4/10.

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