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I’m All Ears Album Review

A hot contender for album of the year

As I mentioned in the Sweetener Review, I would start listening to indie music and review as many albums as I possibly can. It has been two (or three) weeks now and I have to say, indie music is way better than mainstream music. Why? It has that edge, which you don’t see quite often. You notice the main reason why pop artists make music is because they want to sell as many copies as possible. In the indie scene, it’s all about the music and I really enjoy it as you will see in a few minutes.

I’m All Ears is the second album by the duo Let’s Eat Grandma. I like that name. 😂 It messes with your intelligence. That name alone shows you the importance of punctuation in a sentence. The group was formed by two childhood friends Rosa and Jenny who started making music since they were 13 years old. Their music is best described as experimental and it really is. There is so much to talk about this record so let’s get started.

What I like

As a new listener to their music, I was trying to understand what genre of music do they make. After repeating the album three times or so, I realized they just make music. They are not bound by genre. This kind of experimental nature of their work is what I love most about them. It just works. Few artists do get it right with such an approach because it’s a big risk. Luckily for Rosa and Jenny, they did a marvelous job.

The production of the record is excellent. You’ll find yourself feeling very relaxed listening to it. It’s just awesome. Can I talk about the interludes? They just blend in well with the other tracks. Whitewater kicks things off with a dramatic tone and The Cat’s Pyjamas lightens the mood with cat sounds which is very soothing for some weird reason. As for the songs, they are quite a joy to listen to.

I’m All Ears has eleven tracks. Thank goodness. I still don’t get why people are releasing 20+ albums though. Anyway, some songs in the record like Cool and Collected and Donnie Darko are nine and eleven minutes long respectively and I love them. When you listen to them, that’s when you realize what music is really about. The art.

That’s what I love about their music. It makes you appreciate the art of music. You never feel like the record was made to sell but for the thrill of it. They seemed to have a good time making it and I had a good time listening to it.

What I don’t like

If you’re a casual listener, this record will not leave a good first impression on you. For you to really enjoy it, you have to listen to it over and over again. That’s actually the best part for the enthusiast; it gets better with every listen. For the casual listener, it will probably sound okay. Nothing spectacular. My problem with this is that 90% of people are casual listeners.

The Verdict

I’m All Ears is an excellent album made by an excellent duo. I appreciate how it makes me feel good about the music, something that I rarely get from many artists. At this point, I would add some songs to my playlist, delete the other songs and look for other albums to listen to. I’ll make an exception with this one. I love the whole album as it is. I give it a 9.6/10.

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