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Before I even continue, let me make one thing clear. I’m notvictimizing women or blaming them for anything. Even though History shows howmuch trouble they can cause, Biology states that we cannot live without them.So, ladies, read this article while holding on to the Biological facts.

The 21st Century has been quite rollercoasterwith the empowering of women. We have seen them stand up for each other andstrive for equality in the world of men. No problem with that. They shouldcontinue to do what they can to make sure every girl pursues her dreams. Itseems, however, that there are two kinds of empowerment. One from successfulentrepreneurs and the other from mainstream and social media.

When I talk about the media, I’m referring to the music Industry, reality shows and movies. They say what you expose yourself to iswhat you become. How are women portrayed in the media? Well, I don’t know how to put it because everyone is so sensitive nowadays about the words you use.I’ll just say this; It’s bad. In the music industry, most are portrayed as sex objects. It’s so easy to bring up Nicki Minaj as an example because she has been trying to show us every angle of her body in the past two years. She has even been bold enough to go topless this year. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. What surprises me is that she tries to encourage women to beindependent in her concerts. Talk about preaching water and drinking wine.

Then we have the reality shows such as Nairobi Diaries. Dearme, it’s a bad show. It’s generally about socialites in Nairobi who seem to beenjoying life to the fullest. Who knows where they got their money from butthey are flaunting off their bodies as money makers. It’s bad that this showeven exists but it is even worse to see girls talking about the episode thatrecently aired on TV. Really?

Such kind of “empowerment” has been greatly felt around men.We now have these “empowered” ladies telling us their demands if we want to be with them. Most actually relate their success to the number of followers they have on social media, platforms where they can show off their good life. This,in turn, inspires other women to desire the same kind of life. They do all theycan to make sure that they have such a lifestyle. That’s when they realize thatthe only way to have such a lifestyle instantly is to date older men (akasponsors). These are guys who could be their dads so logic dictates that theydon’t consider taking such shortcuts, right? Right? 😂

They run to these men and get all the money they want tosustain such a lavish lifestyle. They post it on social media which inspiresother girls and the cycle continues. First, if you are a living a lifestylethat you yourself can’t afford (I mean without those men’s money) you should reconsider trying to show off how good life is. Second, why does social media make it seem like being a stank hoe (or socialite) is the new normal? There are better things to worry about than following up on socialites. E.g. global warming is now a real problem, fossil fuels are on the brink of depletion andthe global economy is going to shit. Do people worry about such kinds of things? Nope.

I have seen men complain about how there are no women to marry because of these sponsors. For the most part, they are right but I wouldencourage them to stop looking for wives on social media. Also, marriage isn’t and has never been a guaranteed thing in life.It’s a sacred union that is to be entered by two willing people. So, don’t actas if the world owes you a wife. 🤷‍♂️

One last thing I would tell all men is not to tolerate suchgirls. Such girls only have one agenda in mind, that is to satisfy their egos.Don’t waste your time pleasing them because you’re just an expendable asset.You’ll be useful until she finds a wealthier guy. That’s really fucked up.

To the ladies, be your own boss. Do things your way in your own terms. You might think that going for these sponsors can be considered as doing things in your own terms but don’t fool yourself. I’m sure you’ve seen what has happened to some girls in the past few weeks. These men have money which makes them perilous. And for the love of God stop being pressured by social media to have a lavish lifestyle. You don’t know if such people have taken huge loans so as to sustain such a lifestyle or they might have taken it from Google. Who knows? 🤷‍♂️

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