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The baddest 不不

This weeks roundup is all about the drama surrounding Redsan and his album launch. Let me make it clear, I do love Redsan. He was among the guys who took the local industry to the next level. My childhood memories have so many songs from him and the likes of Nameless and Nonini.

When I heard that he was going to launch a new album, The Baddest, on 15th September 2018, I was more than happy. One, because hes a great artist. It was almost automatic to assume that he has something up his sleeve. Two, he had a serious lineup for his album launch. Get this, he had Khaligraph Jones, Demarco and Tiwa Savage. Damn, he meant business. This, then, was the album to look out for. Im actually going to look for it this week to see if my assumptions are right.

At this point, you might ask yourself, What went wrong?. Well, a lot happened. To begin with, it is being said that the concert wasnt a huge success. I cannot confirm if it is true so Ill leave it at that. What I will bring up are things that have been confirmed.

After the album launch, there was a video that leaked of Redsan roughing up his producer Sappy. The guy even went to social media to confirm that it was true. We dont know why Redsan beat Sappy up. It might be controversy to create a buzz. Who knows?

It got worse when reports from KRG the Don, a dancehall musician who has collaborated with Redsan in the new album, claims that he paid for most of the expenses of the new album. He also claims he is yet to get any of his money back. Again, these are just claims. Ill treat them as that for now because I cant start digging up how much money Redsan owes the guy. Once again, it might be just some controversy.

How about Tiwa Savages incident with unpaid bills in the hotel she was staying in. Come on. Not her. She claims that when she was leaving, she found out her accommodation was yet to be paid and when she tried to call the organizers, they were all unavailable at the time. First, thats real shady. Second, why would you invite a person to do a show and not pay for the accommodation? Why? Thats not a good look Redsan.

As Ive hinted in previous paragraphs, this might be all just a plan to create a buzz. It is weird how music sells nowadays. There has to be controversy alongside it for people to get interested in it. Look how well Drakes album performed when controversy surrounded him about his child with some pornstar. Better yet, look how Nickis album got a buzz because she was dissing everyone for fun in one song. I believe this is the same thing that is happening with Redsans new album. If my theory is proven true, I’ll give him credit for trying something new in the Kenyan industry. even if it means him being known for the wrong reasons. Such kind of promotions act as a double edged sword.

Let me remind you that it is just a theory. I can’t confirm it but so much drama surrounding Redsan in one week is a little too suspicious.

Thats it for this weeks roundup. A pretty slow week for music in general. I actually wanted to talk about something that Kanye said on Twitter but Kanye says a lot of things on Twitter. I cant keep up with him. Anyway, lets hope next weeks episode has better stories. Peace.

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