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If EDM was a human being, it would be the ex I would keep on going back to because it has more to offer. This love-hate relationship that I have with this genre has been going on for some time. Back in 2012, I was a huge fan. My phone would have songs from the likes of Afrojack, Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Avicii, and even Martin Garrix, who was creating a huge buzz before he released Animals. Good times. Their music was refreshing and uplifting unlike rap which is now a genre about bragging who’s better. My only gripe with it is how repetitive EDM can get.

Let me show you how repetitive it can get. The songs begin with a soft beat which normally have very uplifting lyrics about life and all that. The bridge comes next where the DJ seems to be cooking up something special and last but most important, the beat drop. That’s it. Sure, there are variations to this formula but you get the same thing more or less.

Despite this, I do enjoy some few songs from the world of EDM. Just a few though. Most of the songs I’m about to list here are pure throwbacks. One more thing before I start, these are my picks. You might not like some of the songs I pick and that’s fine. The world too big of a place to start getting butt hurt about my playlist.

Let’s start.

Eric Prydz – Call on Me

There is a high chance that you’ve heard this song before. I would be surprised if you haven’t. It’s a timeless hit by the Swedish DJ Eric Prydz. This song is really catchy with the repetitive line “Call on me”. What actually made this song popular is the music video. It was considered “too edgy” for public viewing. This was back in 2006. 😂😂 Times have really changed. Guys here are leaking their nudes and sex tapes everywhere like it’s nothing and they get praised for it. Look at Nicki’s album cover, for example. 🤦♀️ If she keeps this up she’ll show us her cookie in one of her videos. That’s when we’ll officially call pop music porn.

Anyway, I love this song. It’s the first song I searched on Spotify when I created an account and I still have it on my playlist. It’s excellent.

Calvin Harris feat Ayar Marar – Thinking About You

God, I love this song. There is just something about it. I don’t know how to explain it. It just gives me the vibe. Probably one of the best songs Calvin Harris has ever produced. That’s all I can say about the song. The video that accompanies the song is just weird. 😂

It’s another edgy video which literally has nothing to do with the song. Here’s the full summary of the video: Calvin goes to a mansion party. Ayar and her friends are on a boat enjoying themselves until Somali Pirates ruin the fun. A bloke goes and beats up another guy for whatever reason. Some couple having sex on a private jet (the pilot must have had the best seat 😂).Some girl kisses another girl in a club. Yeah, totally weird. Just listen to the song, the video won’t make any sense to you.

Galantis – Runaway

It has been quite some time since I listened to Galantis. The band duo can make really make good music as they showed with their first album Pharmacy. It was an album I still listen to date and one of the songs I put on repeat is Runaway. How can you not like this song? It just gives you the vibe. 😂🤷♂️ Don’t chastise me because of my choice of words. There are no words to describe why you love a song. You just do. It’s like browsing through a porn site for the right video. You don’t know what you’re looking for but you’ll know it’s the one once you see it. Oh dear God, I’m off-topic. 🤦♂️

The video is another highlight of the song. It’s actually one of the few EDM songs that have videos which make sense. I actually prefer watching the video to listening to the audio. They complement each other very well like peanut butter and jelly.

Jonas Blue – Fast Car

Let’s ignore the fact that I can barely hear the lyrics in the song or how it’s a heavily sampled song. This song is too good. I only like it because of the beats. It has this cool summer vibe and it blends in well with my playlist. I just love it. Don’t get me started on the video though. 😂😂 The song talks about fast cars but we get a horse and a dirt bike. Okay. Cool. Seriously though, what’s it with these weird videos?

Clean Bandit- Rather be

Every time I listen to this song, it takes me back to my final year in high school. I remember listening to it for the first time when we were on a short break. It was decent. Nothing spectacular about it. What makes this song so memorable is how my friend, Phil, was obsessed with it. He sang it everywhere. People actually found it annoying but I understood why he loved it so much. You guessed it right. It gave him the vibes. 😄

To summarize the song, it’s a love song to that special someone telling them that you’d prefer being with them all the time. Clean Bandit really made a hit with this song as the production is excellent. Jess Glynne’s voice is such a joy to listen to. I find her music to be really underrated. As for the video, it’s as bonkers as the others. No surprise here. It’s basically about a lady who thinks she is being stalked by members of Clean Bandit. Come to think of it, that is really disturbing. She should have slapped them with a restraining order.

Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz – Prayer in C

This song is the very definition of weird. The lyrics of this song and the beats should not mix at all but they do here and it’s so good. Lilly sings about unanswered prayers as the world is experiencing many problems. Given the context of the lyrics, you wouldn’t expect to hear it in a party right? Robin had other things in mind.
He decided to make a remix of the song only this time it’s a EDM track with tropical beats and I love it. I fucking love it. Sure, the message of the original song is completely distorted but this song is excellent. I think it’s one of my guilty pleasures. Things get weirder when the video only shows people having a good time in a party. You can imagine the cringe when you hear lyrics about children starving when all you can see is people having a good time.

Last but cherished to me:

Avicii- Lay me down

Damn, why did he have to die? Avicii was such a great DJ. His music was awesome and inspired a whole lot of people. He’s one of the guys who made EDM be a mainstream sensation. R.I.P Avicii.
My playlist wouldn’t be complete without a song from him. He has produced so many good songs that I found it difficult to just pick one. Eventually, I had to pick Lay me down, an underrated song from his album, True. A combination of Avicii’s production, Nile Rodger’s guitar and Adam Lambert’s vocals is a dream come true. It works so well.
Most of you will be asking me why I didn’t pick Wake me up or Hey Brother. They are good but not my favorite.

So, that’s just a glimpse of how my EDM playlist looks like on my phone. It certainly isn’t the best playlist out there but I love it and that’s what matters. 😊

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