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So Far So Good…

I enjoy writing 🙂

It has been over a year since I started blogging. I used to write random articles in a free WordPress blog. All I can say about it is that it helped me mature my writing skills. Trust me, I’m not fully satisfied with my current writing skills but I’m somewhere. The journey has had its ups and downs, times of excitement and times of frustrations. Let me explain.

The good: I can express myself

Creating a blog in 2018 is so easy that it only takes a few clicks to get it up and running. My first blog was created in 2014, back when the user interface was a little complicated. How I remember being excited about having my own hub of complaining about everything and anything. I was still a teen, teens are always angry about everything. 😂

Ignoring the fact that my website wasn’t that appealing, it really helped me appreciate the art of writing. Whenever I found myself bored or frustrated, I would run to my phone’s keyboard and type away. You could say that it was my form of therapy.

There was a time, however, when I didn’t write anything at all. So much was going on in my life and I needed some time off. At one point I thought I was losing it. I went back to writing once I saw a couple of my friends on Facebook writing really good articles which re-sparked my interest. The blog was once again up and running as of August 2017. I was pushing content on a regular basis that people started taking note of the blog. Which bring me to my first bad…

The bad: I was a nervous wreck

It is one thing to be writing articles as a form of therapy but it’s a different situation when people start to read them. I honestly didn’t expect to read my articles, let alone comment about how good they are. My God, I was a nervous wreck. 😂😂

“Someone likes my article”🙆‍♂️

“Does that mean I’m a good writer?”🤔

“Do I have an audience now?”😅

“Shit. What should I write next?”🤷‍♂️

“Will the audience love it? Do they love metal music? Damn, why is this so hard?”😭

That’s just a glimpse of the debate I had in my brain. To be honest, it is a challenge to consistently write articles. You never know if it’s the best or worst article you’ve ever written. The good thing is…

The good: The support was amazing

In my previous blog, I had 13 subscribers. That doesn’t sound like much but it meant the world to me. If I could make 13 people stay tuned to my weekly dose of nonsense, there is nothing more you can ask for. I have never thought of myself as an accomplished blogger. Never in my wildest dreams but those 13 people made it seem so. I thank them because without them, this new blog wouldn’t exist. About this new blog

The bad: Starting all over

Did I mention that the previous blog was free? No? Okay, let me catch you up to speed. WordPress allows you to create your blog free but the domain isn’t. For it to remain free, they have to add their name to the address which makes it ridiculously long. E.g. if it was supposed to be it will be

For you to have the .com domain, WordPress will charge you and their charges are ridiculous. So, I left WordPress and looked for another alternative. I found the perfect hosting company but you had to design the website by yourself. Or pay someone. Your choice. After three attempts, I stuck with this one because it is automated and has minimal maintenance.

It should be noted that this happened in a period of two months. You might think it took a week or two but it took much longer. It was actually a frustrating process.

The good: I still write

Despite all that has happened in the past year or so, I’m still here. I’m still writing, still posting my nonsense and enjoying every single moment of it.

It’s a wonderful experience and here is to many more articles that I am yet to think of. 😁

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