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The dawn of a new segment. My first segment. 😊

Welcome to a new segment that I just created a few hours ago. I don’t know where this idea came from but here I am capitalizing on it before someone else utilizes it. You might think I’m joking but Michael Jackson had the same theory when he was making music. He used to wake up his manager in the wee hours of the morning so that he could write down the ideas he had. When his manager asked him why he couldn’t wait until the sun rose, Michael simply replied “It’s either we take note of it now or Prince will have the same idea”.


The segment is about the latest news from the music industry. Be it local or the international scene, I’ll cover all of them here every Monday so that you start your week with some insight. Btw, screw Mondays. They are the worst. Not to worry, I got you. Let’s begin, shall we?

R.I.P Mac Miller

This new segment begins with the unfortunate death of Mac Miller. For those who don’t know him, he was a rapper and music producer who has worked with big names in the industry. He died of a drug overdose in his studio home in Los Angeles and medics declared him dead on arrival.

This has been a rough year for music in 2018. We have had two other unfortunate deaths earlier this year; Avicii committing suicide and XXXtentacion getting fatally shot. It’s sad to see such talented people going away so soon because of personal issues. Depression is real and it’s a topic people rarely want to talk about. Social media has brought out the aspect of showing your larger-than-life lifestyle but we never get to know what someone is really going through.

What has really ticked me off is Mac Miller’s fans going after Ariana Grande and blaming her for his death. Things got so bad that she had to disable the comments on her Instagram page. Come on, guys. I’m sure she is also hurt by the untimely death. Why would go on to make things hard for her by blaming her? Sure, they dated a while back and she left because she couldn’t handle the drug problems he had but she is not the one to blame. Jesus Christ guys.

Cardi and Nicki have a moment

They had a bitch moment. Kinda. Well, Nicki was standing in the corner being fully surrounded by her security while Cardi was ready to smack a bitch. In my opinion, this beef was inevitable. We all know Nicki is petty. She is so petty right now that I’m embarrassed to be a fan of her music. How do you blame a kid for your “poor” album sales? How? Let’s be honest though, Astroworld shits on Queen any day. Now we have Cardi claiming that Nicki talked ill about her child. This isn’t confirmed but if it is true, damn. I better hope this isn’t true because I will drop Nicki in an instant.

It will be interesting to see where this beef will go next? Will there be another altercation? Cardi is definitely ready for that. I mean, you’ve seen her Love and Hip Hop videos right? She’s crazy. She will come at with you with everything she got. It might get messy. What I do want though is a rap beef. Please, let there be a rap beef. We’ll finally get to decide who the better MC is.

Don’t come at me with messages of how they should support each other. For your information, Nicki has been real petty about this whole situation. I do get that she is putting on a show but Cardi is not the person to be playing such games with. It will get ugly real quick. So, let them take the beef to the studio. Let us not forget that two white rappers are beefing with each other. Speaking of which

That MGK diss track

Holy smokes I did not see that one coming. When we hear someone wants to beef with Em, your mind always go back to what happened to Ja Rule or Mariah Carey. It never ends well. MGK has decided to take the risk anyway and delivered a noteworthy track. He is throwing all the jabs and uppercuts he has and it is worthy of my respect. Congratulations man, you have gone to a place no man has ever been to before.

star trek applause GIF

We now await to see if Eminem will respond to MGK. I mean, he disses almost everyone in his new album Kamikaze. Most of the guys called out are wise enough to stay quiet because they know Em will bury them. As for MGK, we are yet to know if he fared well against the rap god or that he dug his own grave too early. Only time will tell.

The independent scene in Kenya.

Lamba Lolo. Fuckboy. Position. Bora Uhai. Where is this buzz coming from? It’s not that I hate it, I absolutely love it. For years now, I came to terms with the fact that the Kenyan industry lost to the Nigerian and international scene. Credit to Sauti Sol and Nyashinski for setting the bar high but the industry was already in a mess. The competition between Pacho Entertainment and Grandpa Records was not that exciting and their artists were making okay music. That, however, has changed.

People are now going independent and releasing their work on social media and it’s getting viral attention. Ethic has more attention than most artists out there right now. You have to appreciate how they are making catchy tunes without the help of any label or record deal. Just doing it for the entertainment. It takes me back to the good old days of Necessary Noise, Kleptomaniax, Jua Kali and the rest. Those were good times. Ethic and the rest are bringing those vibes back but I’m not sure how long this will last. Once again, only time will tell.

That’s it for me. Did I leave anything out? Let me know in the comments. If not, why not tell me what you think of this new segment in the comments. See what I did there? I want you to comment. Do it. Please? 😊

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