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Man’s greatest challenge

Our own kryptonite

What defines a man? Apart from his gene chromosome and body parts, what makes a man a man? Is it the muscular body? Is it the beard? Is it that mean attitude? Is it how he interacts with people?

Everyone seems to have their own definitions and some of them are actually backed by science. Some, however, are just completely wrong. When someone says a man doesn’t have feelings, think again. They might prove how unperturbed they are in front of their friends but they are dying inside. “Why don’t they just talk about it?” Are you kidding? Our ego won’t let us admit it.

Here’s the thing; men like fixing stuff. We believe that every problem has a solution. Ask my girlfriend, I tend to fix lots of things. We love being fixers. Even our jobs involve fixing things. We are the IT experts, plumbers, engineers, math teachers. Any job that involves fixing something will always have a man. What I actually love and hate about being a man is that we just have one problem. Just one. Doesn’t sound like much but it’s a big one. Our problem arises when we are unable to solve a problem.

Ladies, please pay attention next time to your man when he is unable to fix any problem. He’ll become moody, angry and distant. The worst part is that he won’t change until he finds a solution. You’ll even notice that the relationship isn’t what it used to be anymore. The funny part is once he figures it out, he’ll come back better than ever as if nothing ever happened. Funny, right?

I won’t blame the ladies if they refer it to as our mood swings. Like, we all go through it right? The funny thing is that most women don’t know about it. Their first assumption is that when we find ourselves in such a state, we no longer care about them which is not true. We do care but we just need time to figure things out. Yes, it doesn’t have anything to do with you. You’d be surprised most arguments you had with him have absolutely nothing to do with you. Unless he has issues with you, of course. Plus men are always direct about it. “Why not talk about it?” women may ask. Yeah, about that…😅

Before I proceed, you should go back and read the last sentence of the second paragraph. I’ll wait. Done? Let me explain why. We are fixers. We love fixing things. So, when someone comes to offer us help, we feel worthless. It’s almost like we can’t do anything right because someone will to fix the problems. This damages the ego and somewhat takes away that manly feeling.

The solution is quite simple; give us time to think things through and don’t you dare try to fix things for us. Just like how we give women time when they’re moody, we ask that you do the same. Also try to understand. Men and women are two different beings. We don’t function the same way so don’t waste your time trying to fix someone’s problems your way. You’ll fall flat on your face. I challenge you to let your significant other to deal with his problems. He’ll be grateful because you understood that he needs some time off. You even spared him the energy of trying to explain what’s going on.

Give it a try and see how it goes.

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