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Lost and Found Review

The best album of the year so far.

2018 has just been an odd year for music. It seems everyone is releasing albums with 20+ tracks. Migos started it with their sequel Culture II, Drake with Scorpion, Travis with Astroworld and Nicki Minaj with Queen. My issue is that some of the tracks feel out of place in those albums. If they were scrapped, the records would have better replay value. But they don’t and I’m not happy since I still have to listen to them for reviews.

As you might expect, I wasn’t that excited to listen to Jorja Smith’s album. I made two assumptions before listening to it; the album has 20+ songs and; it’s a generic album. Turns out I was wrong. Lost and Found has 12 tracks and it is currently the best album I’ve heard this year. In a pile of mediocre albums being released this year, Lost and Found stands out from the rest.

What I like

To begin with, this is a heartbreak album. Most of the songs are about Jorja not being happy in a relationship (Where did I go?), conflict of interest (Lost and Found) and saying goodbye (Goodbyes. Lol). Jorja also talks about social injustices and life in the suburbs.

How she delivers the message is the highlight of the album. Her lyrics are mature, her voice is amazing (that accent though) and the production is just amazing. I actually can’t wait to listen to the album again with some new headphones I’m buying soon since I was listening to this with the phone speaker. Speaking of which, this record has great replay value. All the songs are a joy to listen to and they will find a new home in my playlist.

What I don’t like

Ok. The next statement will make me sound like a hypocrite. My only problem with this record is that there isn’t more of it. Hear me out, okay? This is a very good album (a debut album btw) done by a very talented artist. It’s so good that I actually want more.

This is quite different from other records like Scorpion. Side note, I had a hard time listening to More Life and now he’s given us more tracks to deal with. Jesus Christ. This is my problem right here. When someone gives us mediocre content, they feed us more of it when we actually want less of it. Then we have the quality content which is given in teaspoons when I actually want tablespoons of it.


So, yeah. I want more of Jorja Smith. I really do. She has made one of the best, if not the best, albums of 2018. I love it. I give itΒ 9.5/10.

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