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Ganja Burn! Ganja Burn! Ganja Burrrrrn!!! Hey.

Well, well, well. This one’s a surprise. To be honest, I had low expectations of Nicki’s new album once she announced it given what we’ve seen from her. It has been four years since she released the mediocre Pinkprint album. She got featured in almost every pop song ever since. We had that Remy Ma beef which she miserably lost. I mean, who tries to make a diss track a hit single? Mind you she released two other songs around the same time which were just meh. Then we had that awkward BET awards scandal in 2017 and her awkward performance in 2018. Damn, she must thrive in controversy.

Anyway, Queen is out and she has a lot to prove. All I ever wanted from Nicki is a good rap album and not these pop rap elements she tried with her previous albums. I mean, Cardi gave us a good rap album without infusing pop elements and that was just her first album. Three albums in from Nicki and I’m still waiting. However, I’m glad to report that the wait is finally over. For the most part.

What I like

I think everyone agrees with me when I say that Nicki is a great rapper. Among the greats actually. She can stand her own ground against her male counterparts and that’s clearly shown in this album. When she raps, you can actually feel it. Just give her a beat and she’ll body it. I love it. I really do. Her rapping skills are enough to justify her claims of being the queen of rap

Her lyrical themes aren’t anything out of the ordinary. This is just Nicki talking about her magnificence, sexiness and more flexing which isn’t a bad thing. We actually get a pleasant surprise in the form of Barbie Dreams which is a “diss” track. I really hope Nicki meant every word because that would be the headlines for weeks to come. She called Dj Khaled fat. Lol. The beats are awesome too. Way better than what we got from the Pinkprint. God, I hated that album. I really enjoyed listening to this album. This is a proper rap album that I always wanted.

What I don’t like

Nicki is a great rapper but she is a terrible singer. This was my main gripe with her previous album and there is still some of it here. Like, why does she try to be a RnB artist? Plus I just have a hard time buying into the fact that Nicki can have her heart broken when she talks about threesomes. Or is she trying to be like Drake who wants us to believe he’s a rapper with feelings? It’s not working Nicki. Stop it. Please.

Then we have the features in her album. It’s ironic that the guest features steal the spotlight from her. We usually see Nicki steal the spotlight when she features in other songs. Now the feautres are stealing it from her own songs. Maybe it’s karma coming to collect her dues.

Probably the worst thing about this album is how Nicki is promoting it. She has called out Travis Scott for tsking the number one spot from her and let’s be fair, Astroworld is a better album. She even called out his kid. Come on, that’s uncalled for. Nicki looks desperate and this changes everything about how I feel about the album.


I genuinely like the album. I find it a better album than the Pinkprint. What I don’t like is the drama Nicki is creating around the record. It just reeks of desperation and for someone who is 35, it’s not a good look.

I was to give it a solid 8 but I’ve deducted one point because of Nicki’s childish acts. Such a shame.

My favorite songs

All of them except those RnB tracks. Come on Nicki.Β 

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