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Astroworld Review

It’s Lit!!!!!!

I like Travis. I find his persona quite interesting. I like his ablibs; probably the best from any artist (Straight up!!It’s lit!!). His life is on another level right now; having a kid, dating a billionare and he has just released his much-hyped album Astroworld. The question is, Is it that good? Yes. It is that good. Very good actually. That, however, depends on what you were expecting from the album.

Travis describes his music as “out of this world” and I agree with him. His music is different from most rappers we have out there. It’s like he is in his own world and in Astroworld (Get it?)he is in his comfort zone. This is a huge deal for his fans as he doesn’t disappoint at all. Travis is Travis in this album and that’s fine. Even the casual listener will head bop to this record.

What I like

What I love most about Astroworld is the beats. Period. No song sounded boring or felt out of place. The tracks have some solid beats. We are even graced to have more than one beat in one song (Sicko Mode). Yes, I’m aware that the tracks are base heavy but what did you expect? This surpassed my expectations and I absolutely commend the production team for a job well done.

The features too are a huge positive for the album. Quick btw, I had to google some of the artists featured since they aren’t credited in the tracks. From Swae Lee to 21 Savage to The Weeknd, they feel part and parcel of the album. Well…except for Who?What. That song would have been fine without Migos. Speaking of which, where was Offset? Oh who am I kidding? Takeoff was part of the song and I’m happy about that.

What I don’t Like

Like I said earlier, Travis is Travis. That can be a good or bad thing. It’s only bad when someone expects something different from him. Sorry to burst your bubble, it’s nothing spectacular. This isn’t a deep album which you normally get from the likes of J Cole or Kendrick Lamar though it does have its moments in songs like Stop trying to be God. What you get here is Mr Scott doing what he does best. I’d like to compare this to Future’s records. He does what he does best and you either like it or not. And fortunately for Future, he has found huge success with his rap style.


Unlike my verdict with AA, I like this album because he is just who he is. I just wish his themes would be more than just flexing. I give it aΒ 8/10.

My favorite songs:
  • Butterfly effect
  • Sicko Mode
  • Stop trying to be God
  • Wake up
  • No bystanders
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  • coffee bean was also the best autro i’ve heard of all albums that came out in 2018.the way he explained about his new life, having a kid and about kylie’s family perception of him is actually a new side we’ve never heard from travis.Also Yosemite is one track that will grow on you with time .trust me.i’d give it 8.5 atleast



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