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Where do we go from here?

Ever thought to yourself that you can be anyone you desire to be in life? I sure have but that seems not to be the case in my life as of now. I can ask myself why but it won’t change things. Something else did though. No, it wasn’t some inspirational book (though they work) and it wasn’t an epiphany. It was a Wikipedia search. I’m not kidding. It was a simple Wikipedia search on Fifth Harmony.

How I found myself looking up that music group was nothing out of the ordinary. I’m an audiophile. I love the diversity of the styles and message music offers and it is so relaxing. This love for music made me subscribe to Apple Music (because Spotify isn’t available in Kenya). So, as I was listening to one of the many playlists, a Fifth Harmony song played. I sparked interest to know how old they are considering their success in the American music industry. To my surprise, they are literally months older than me. They are so young and yet they have accomplished so much in life. I’m serious. Look up Camila Cabello’s Wiki page. She has a whole page dedicated to the number of awards she has won so far. That is insane for someone who is 21.

Then I look at myself and wonder “What’s the difference between me and them?” I mean they are so successful and I’m still figuring how I’m going to complete all of my assignments before their respective deadlines. Believe it or not, it was all a simple matter of desire. From what I know, they all participated in The X Factor. Their passion for singing made them progress far into the finale. Though they didn’t win (finished third place) they got a record contract and fast forward to today, their success is immense. I’m not a fan of their music but I do acknowledge their success. It’s even better than winning The X Factor. Way better in fact.

It’s easy to see how their desire for music has made them pop icons in the music industry. That desire changed their lives forever. What about me? What about you? What about us? Sometimes I normally feel that I’m being dragged to fulfil someone else’s agenda. There is more to life than just completing assignments. I’m not saying that education is a hinderance to someone’s aspirations but education is not the key to success. Desire is. Look at Richard Branson. Look at Bill Gates. They must’ve had a burning desire to be someone great.

Can that desire be compared to the phrase ‘Having the faith of a mustard seed’? It is plausible. Remember that Jesus told everyone that he is the light of the world. People thought he was full of it and killed him for that. 2 millennia later, more than 2 billion people in the world live by his word. The best parable he gave was the parable of the mustard seed. That alone can change everything. I mean everything. Believing in your dream until it becomes your reality.

Let that not be confused with ‘Fake it until you make it’. Come on, you cannot lie to your own brain that you’re rich when your bank account balance can give a stroke. Having your desire deals with you accepting where you are right now and choosing where to be next in life. It’s a long journey yes. Does it have to be difficult? No. Your desire itself will make any obstacle look easy.

Your limits are simply in your head.

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