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My first rant πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

First things first. I’m a human being. That means I have flaws and limits. Just because I am nice doesn’t mean I tolerate nonsense. Let’s face it, people are full of shit. Me included. I know I piss off some people too and that’s unfortunate for them. You can’t be everyone’s favourite. The things that I’m about to mention here will be more relatable to introverts. It may also bother other people but it’s a general nuisance and people need to get their act together and stop it.

Let’s begin with this random but very annoying thing that people do. So, you’re in the Nairobi CBD going about you own business. You don’t like walking slow because you just don’t like being in public for too long (introvert problems). You do your very best to get on with your business quickly but then you are slowed down by a group of two or three people ahead of you who are walking slowly. Are you kidding me? They walk as if they are the only people walking down that street. What makes matters worse is that the walking paths on the streets are so narrow that they will obviously block your way to move past them. I really hate this because I’m normally forced to slow down and I panic at times when I feel exposed. Another thing to note is that the culprits are normally women. In all my scenarios, it was always ladies walking at snails’ pace while having some loud chatter. Sure, have your chat and all but move faster damn it.

The next one is one of my personal problems. Matatus are a big thing in Kenya. These public transport vehicles are the common means to get anywhere effectively here. The biggest problem with these matatus are the touts. They are the worst. Never pick an argument with these guys, they know how to clap back; something women have never learnt since time immemorial. This, however, isn’t my problem. My problem is when you give these touts a huge note bill and say they will give you back your balance and they fail to do so. It’s like they have selective amnesia or something. This is especially true with matatus plying my route. Fares are charged at Sh.80 during peak hours and I normally give them Sh.100 notes. They don’t give back the balance and when you do ask for it they’ll be like β€œAre you sure I didn’t give you the balance?” (Sikukuridishia change?). Sure, Sh. 20 doesn’t sound like much but it’s still money. I can buy some gum with that balance. I hear some touts have made away with balances after they were given Sh.1000 notes. That’s so wrong.

Still sticking with matatus in this one. Every Nairobian knows how you have to make long queues at the bus stage during peak hours. The traffic is always terrible at such times. As you are busy waiting, one matatu arrives but you find that people do not board it. Why? Because it doesn’t look cool. What’s even absurd is that you’d prefer waiting in line until an acceptable matatu arrives. This is a common problem with the teenagers and young adults. I honestly board any matatu because I just want to get home. There is nothing special about them. Plus, I love my eardrums being intact. I prefer earphones to blasting music.

The next one is my personal worst. I absolutely hate and people should stop doing this. To be honest, I don’t like texting. I find it a chore so I normally try to end it as fast as possible. From time to time, however, you find some people who just text you for no good reason. They initiate the conversation, ask you how you’re doing and then they sayΒ ‘Niambie’. What??!! Why then did you text me? Were you that bored? Don’t do that with me!! You’d do me a favour by not texting. The fact that I don’t like texting people results in the same people asking me why I don’t hit them up. You know what? I’m starting to think some things may never change.

Damn it.

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