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Why you should be your own best friend

Hi Bestie!!!

When was the last time you ever did something for yourself? When was the last time you ever felt happy for no reason at all? And when was the last time you didn’t blame yourself for anything? I ask myself these questions and I conclude that it has been quite some time. A long time for others, recently for some and maybe never for the special cases.

It is true that we as humans strive to find one thing: happiness. Sure, we have other priorities but happiness takes the crown. To prove my point, how do you always feel when someone posts a photo on Instagram about how much fun they are having? It tends to bother you, doesn’t it? Sure, a little jealousy isn’t bad for you but don’t let it get into your head. You might be surprised that they are in a worse condition than you when they post such pictures. It’s all about feeling loved or appreciated and that’s where all problems seem to arise.

There is usually this need to satisfy others so that you can be satisfied. Like denying your true nature so as to be appreciated in a certain group. You might also have this desire of owning or having something so that you can feel worthy. Like that new iPhone. That phone is just gorgeous. Excuse me. I get carried away sometimes. The funny thing is that you will always feel the same no matter what kind of things you have or the kind of people you hang out with. You’ll always end up being yourself and you don’t like that.

If there is someone who never seems to catch a break, it’s you. You always seem to put yourself in unnecessary pressure and situations just for a little moment of satisfaction. I remember shaming myself for never being good enough. I regret saying that and find it funny every time I think about it. After putting much thought into it, I realized I wanted to impress some girl I met.ย Try to think about for a moment, I actually belittled myself because of a crush.

Here’s the thing, you are what you think of yourself. If you think you’re trash, you will be trash. If you feel unworthy, you will indeed be unworthy to other people. So please, go easy on yourself. Have a loving relationship with yourself. Some say that having a relationship with yourself is equal as having a relationship with God. I’m not going to confirm this theory but I can tell you that if you pay more attention to yourself, you will see a noticeable difference.

So, how do you create a loving relationship with yourself? It’s simple. Just do everything that you would do for your significant other to yourself. Sounds ridiculous, yes? But what is normal nowadays? Take yourself out to eat your favorite dish. Go have that Java Special Chicken Curry (I swear that dish๐Ÿ˜) or that KFC chicken bucket. Tell yourself how much you love and cherish yourself. Take yourself out for evening walks and enjoy the sunset. Buy yourself something that you would love having. Sit down and write down how your day was and say how you want things to be the next day. Build up a vision board and admire it every day you look at it and say you can do it. These are just some of the things you can do. Sure, there are others but that is up to your self-preference.

When you start appreciating yourself day by day, you will realize how other external aspects of your life also change. You start being more effective in your work, be it in school or in the office. You start appreciating your friends more and you start to appreciate everything else in life. At this point, you will realize you have something you have been chasing all of your life; happiness. Once it felt like a million miles away and now it’s there with you. But here’s the thing; it was always with you. You just didn’t know it. Simply put, you are the creator of your own happiness.

So, be a darling and go and get your favorite ice cream.๐Ÿ˜Š

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