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The world is a weird place to live in. So much is going on in this planet and even with the globalization of the internet, it’s still difficult to catch up. We can all agree that we are in a better position than we were 10 years ago but we’re not yet at the ideal state. The funny thing about the word ‘ideal’ is that it means it doesn’t exist. We may never get there but we can only imagine.

Obviously, I have some things I imagine how they would be if they were under my control. All of them are ideal so it would require some intervention for that to happen.

Death of Charities

Charities are considered to be the most effective way to help someone who is need or less fortunate. Sure, you’re doing it for all the right intentions but it’s actually more complicated than it seems.

To begin with, solutions are always created when problems arise. There has to be an equilibrium to the process. A reaction caused by the action. So it’s easy to see that charities arise to help the unfortunate communities in our society. It all seems noble and all but according to the Malthusian theory, everyone would suffer in a system of perfect equality but self-interest and differential access to resources prevent such a system of equality from being established or maintained. This is just a case of the rich oppressing the poor. These rich people then come back to the poor in form of charities so as to have a sense of humanity. It’s like a win-win situation for them.

What makes matters worse is that charities are supposed to act as solutions but they end up being bigger problems. There have been several charity organizations that have been under heavy scrutiny for making a living out of these donations. The CEOs earning big paychecks and living lavish lifestyles. Other cases being reported over trademark initiatives. For real. One charity organization will sue another organization because of using their trademark initiative. Aren’t they supposed to be working together for a greater cause? Some organizations have been known to be funding terrorist activities or associating themselves with questionable figures in the society.

But back to my point, the problem should have been mitigated if the solution was already established. Back in 2009, the Kenya Red Cross created a national awareness about the drought in the northern parts of Kenya. We were asked to donate foodstuffs and money so as to help the affected communities. Fast forward to 2018 (just a few weeks ago), the Kenya Red Cross again declared a food crisis in the same regions. This time, however, they were specific with their type of donation; money. Well, you can’t argue with facts; there hasn’t been adequate rainfall until recently but should we always help in the times of crisis? What about empowerment? Why can’t they start projects that will mitigate such crisis?

Clearly, they are trying to create a balance. Creating a war to stop the war. Think about it, doctors wouldn’t exist if all diseases were mitigated. The US wouldn’t be using 1 trillion dollars to fund militaries if there was no war to fight. Same case with charities, they only exist as long as problems exist.

Death to the current education system

If there is a global system that has failed miserably, it’s the education system. To prove my point, the most successful people never completed their education. Just look at Bill Gates or Richard Branson. So, what’s wrong with the system?

First of all, we clearly don’t understand education. Going to school doesn’t guarantee you that will be fully educated. Heck, even if you do graduate with a First Class Honors, you’ll still be trained for a job you’re looking for. My problem is expecting every child to go through a somewhat standardized education system.

Just because a child doesn’t do well doesn’t mean that he/she is stupid. It’s actually quite the contrary. Everyone is blessed in a unique manner. For example, I love speaking my mind through written words. My classmate is a really good artist and we are doing a BSc. So the question is, What should be done?

Simple. Replace the grade-based education system and introduce a talent-based education system. This will cover co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This system will focus on a child’s talent and mold it into something special. Great people can come out of such a system. The funny thing is there are such schools. Yes, they do exist.

Widespread teachings of Buddhism

I. Love. Buddhism. Why? Because you don’t believe in anything. Dalai Lama said if Buddhism and Science disagree, go with science. You simply cannot argue with facts. Buddha himself said that you shouldn’t believe anything he says unless it matches your experience. Simply put, the only thing you should believe in are your own experiences.

I won’t blame you if you compare such a belief to an atheist’s belief. They’re actually quite similar. Don’t get confused though, there is definitely someone out there, but not who we think we know. What Buddhism emphasizes is focusing on yourself and believing in yourself. You are the solution to your own problems. I mean, it all begins with the self-right? Sure, people describe this as selfishness but is it wrong to attain peace for yourself? I can’t guarantee anyone else peace. Only myself. Like I said before, everything you do is an act of selfishness, even being selfless. It’s just you feeding your own ego.

And that’s it. I have other things I wish would die, like politics. But that’s a topic for another day. What would you change if it were up to you?

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