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Simple questions beyond our comprehension

Life is a difficult thing to describe. Heck, I’m not even sure if it’s a thing. It is something we as humans are yet to understand. Simply put, it is beyond our comprehension. To prove my point, try to think about why you’re here. And no, don’t try to give an answer from what you were told by others. Think about it. You don’t know why you’re here. I don’t know either. But since we’re here and you’re here reading this, let us look at other things that are difficult to comprehend. Some are basic facts but are difficult to comprehend.


What time is it now? 2229 hours as I write this. It’s already Thursday morning in Asia and it is a few hours back in America. But seriously, what is time? How do you even tell time?

Sure, there is a clock that counts seconds that turns into minutes then hours into days…you know where I’m going with this. Let’s back track to the beginning. How did we come up with seconds? Like how did we know that at one time the sun would go down or rise back up? How sure are we that we are in 2018 AD and it is known that the Gregorian calendar was introduced in 1582? Am I even making sense?😂😂

Selfish beings

It’s true. Humans are naturally selfish. Be selfless all you want but there is no denying that you do things for selfish interests. Including being selfless. It always begins with the self. Some point to the ego, others to the original sin but no one is sure. Whatever the reason, we only tend to care about ourselves before others. That’s a fact. Hence why we go to wars and destroy our own environment.

Who created the system?

The system is what keeps humans busy from our true selves. It all begins when you go to school to get education, get a job, pay bills (including college loans), get married if you get lucky and start a family. When you feel unsatisfied with how your life is going, there is a doctor for that. If doctors aren’t your thing, there is always an uplifting book or your local church to boost your motivation. Eventually you retire with a pension and hope that your children do better than you. It all seems well planned and calculated.

This system keeps us in check and if you’re against it, you’re considered a deviant. Now, there is no running away from this but the question remains, who came up with this system?

Where did numbers come from?

Another basic but simple question, where did they come from? Like who invented the number one to infinity? How did they come up with these relative terms?

Now, questioning the origin of numbers is basically questioning the origin of mathematics. Equations, theorems are all derived from numbers. What if we might be wrong about everything? (Just a question. Don’t kill me)

Are we the only intellectual beings in the Universe?

Can we earthlings be the only ones in the Universe? I don’t think so. Why? Because research in cosmology has shown that the Universe is huuuge with an infinite number of galaxies. Don’t forget that the Universe is still expanding. We don’t know what’s out there (we can’t even get to Jupiter quickly) but we hope to get answers. Before we get there, we just have to put our faith in the book of Revelations. Speaking of which…

Who is God?

Should we be saying who or what? He or She? There is nothing that can fully describe this being. Some say that He (She. It. Fuck it. Oops 🙊) is indescribable. What’s funny is that many enlightened people such as Jesus and Buddha have tried to explain this being but we didn’t understand them too. Scientists relate it to dark matter; the nothing that holds everything together. Plausible but not confirmed. So we’re back to square one.

At this point, no one can truly describe whatever God is. The more you think you know is when you realize you really don’t know anything. I think this question is better left answered in the afterlife. Which brings me to the next question.

What really happens in the afterlife?

Do we go to heaven? Do we go to hell? Is there a place called Purgatory? Or is it all a fiction of the mind? Man has been to space before and has described it to be an absolute realm. No rules apply to that realm because it’s an empty space. Vacuum. A compass wouldn’t work in space because it relies on a magnetic force to work.

Some people claim that we all go to the absolute in the afterlife. Heaven and hell to them are just relative terms that can only be experienced on earth. Knowing is the only language understood in the afterlife. Maybe there is no golden city or lake of fire.🤷‍♂️

Once again, we don’t know for sure. One has to look forward to dying to get answers. Don’t do that though. 😂 Enjoy your life. With all that said, there is one thing that remains to be answered…

Why are we here?

The age-old question. Seriously, if you never asked yourself this question you are not okay. People would actually kill to know why they are here. If only things were as simple as how Jesus knew what He was here to do. Then again, what would be the fun in that? It would deprive us of God’s greatest gift to us; free will.

But still, why are we here? Is this even real? Are we in the matrix? (Hi Neo 😊) There is no way we can know for sure. Perhaps we just have to trust the process.

Those are just some of the questions that cross my mind. What about you?

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